Best Fastpitch Softball Bats of 2023 | Top 7 Picks

Softball is an enthralling sport that awakened the sportsman in everyone, from a child to an adult. One of the most competitive forms of this sport is fastpitch softball. Both men and women enjoy the game. However, women are more inclined toward it. In this cutthroat sport, the arm of the pitcher rotates a full 360 degrees around the shoulder until the ball is released from the hand. This is why having the perfect bat complements the fast pitch is necessary. So, if you are curious to know the best fastpitch softball bats – this guide is for you.

We have curated the top fastpitch softball bats list to help you choose the best. Detailed insights on their unique features, pros, and cons will help you understand and differentiate each one so that you can choose the best fast-pitch softball bats.

Types of Fastpitch Softball Bat:

To make your decision for the best fast-pitch softball bat much more effortless, let’s find out the ultimate types of fast-pitch softball bats. 

  1. One-piece: It is the very first type of fastpitch softball bat which is a more robust and stiffer bat as the same material is used in the overall construction and design. 
  2. Two-piece: As the name suggests, this type of fastpitch softball bat must have a separate barrel that will help you to reduce the vibration in the handle. 
  3. ASSA & USSSA: These are the two authorities to approve the softball batts, and the types of fastpitch softball bats supported by these would usually consider legit. 
  4. Alloy, Composite & Hybrid: These are certain materials with which softball bats are made, and the ones made with these three are usually preferred by many. That’s why they are considered different types of fastpitch softball bats.

What Are the Best Fastpitch Softball Bats? 

Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat 

Highlighted features 

  • Size of the bat is 29 inches
  • Weighs 16 oz
  • Suitable for Softball
  • Made of Aluminium
  • Available in white-mint color

Mizuno has created the perfect bat for individuals stepping onto the fastpitch field. Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat is an imported item made with immense finesse and innovation.

Combining the speed0helix grip with the durable design has been a genius undertaking on Mizuno’s behalf. They have introduced one of the top fast-pitching bats in the market with the Finch. The comfort of hitting high-speed balls with that bat is unparalleled and it is a must-have experience for all serious softball players out there.

Good aspects of the Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat 

Developed in collaboration with Jennie Finch, that bat pays special attention to the needs of the softball player. It has been made with an alloy that makes it almost weightless. 

Things to consider before making the purchase

As the bat is extremely weightless, which could be difficult to use for an individual who is lightweight thus negatively affecting their performance.

2022 Louisville Slugger LXT – Best Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat

Chief Characteristics

  • Available 28 inches size
  • Appropriate for Softball
  • Manufactured by Louisville Slugger
  • Build with Composite Material
  • Available in black, red, and orange colors

Lousiville has released this bat with its patented disc speed composite design implanted in it. This innovation provides the biggest sweet spot alongside higher performance. With the VCX2 Vibration Connection System, the bat is significantly flexible between the barrel and the handle. 

Why purchase the Easton MOJO Slowpitch Softball Bat

A drop-10 bat, the 2022 Lousiville Slugger is a masterpiece and has become the most favorite bat for hitters. It has become a top-ranking bat for exit speeds and is available in a wide variety of sizes. 

Characteristics to look out for

Company has charged a hefty amount for this bat but seems to need to improve on the durability of their tool. 

Lousiville has wrapped their outstanding bat with an end cap that pairs amazingly well with the Speed Composite Design of the barrel and enhances the size and the performance of the sweet spot. 

DeMarini 2022 CF Fastpitch Softball Bat Series

Leading features

  • Size is 30 inches
  • Weighs 19 oz
  • Suitable for Softball
  • Manufactured by DeMarini
  • Material is Paraflex Plus Composite
  • Available in black, purple, and white colors

Engineers at DeMarini have managed to hit the sweet spot for fastpitch softball players with their paraflex plus composite barrel technology. This innovation allows them to perform well but also creates a distinctive experience for the hitter.  The parafelx+ composite barrel offers maximum barrel control and hits a massive sweet spot. 

Integrating the Type V connection in the design has been a genius idea. The entire experience has been revolutionized with respect to the feel and sensitivity of the bat. It has been built with a lightweight substance to augment the speed of the bat while also balancing the strength of the performance of the barrel.

Remarkable Aspects of the DeMarini FP Prism Fastpitch Bat

Equipped with a type V connection, the FP Prism of this best Fastpitch softball Bat enhances barrel performance significantly. Additionally, it directs the energy from the core of the barrel to the opposite side of the hands. This is definitely the most responsive tool a softball player can use. 

Adverse facts about the DeMarini FP Prism Fastpitch Bat

Cost of this  DeMarini is substantially greater than their other models with the price range between $319.92 –  $386.73.

Louisville Slugger 2022 Proven Fastpitch Softball Bat

Louisville Slugger 2022 Proven Best Fastpitch Softball Bat

Major features

  • 17 oz in weight 
  • 30 inches in size
  • Developed by Louisville Slugger
  • Made with Composite Material 
  • Available in white, pink, and black colors

One of the prime and best fastpitch bats available in the market, the Louisville slugger is an exceptional product for hitters. It comes with a complete barrel design that has been engineered to enhance the pop and feel of the entire game for the player. 

Advantages of playing with the Louisville Slugger 2022 Proven Fastpitch Softball Bat

When you ponder over the construction of this bat, the layout of the bat is astonishing. The 1-piece design allows for a stiff swing and creates a solid feel for the player on contact. 

Points for consideration

Paint on the Louisville bat tends to chip off more frequently than one would want, taking away from the entire look.

You cannot go wrong by choosing a bat that balances the barrel control and speed of the bat so easily.  Combined with a standard fastpitch grip, the cushion for the hitter is outstanding. 

MARUCCI CAT Aluminum USA Baseball BAT

Main Characteristics 

  • Size is 26 inches
  • Weighs 15 oz
  • Baseball Sport Type
  • Made of Aluminium Material
  • Avaialbe in balck and red colo

Engineering of the Marucci CAT aluminum USA baseball fastpitch bat is new and unique. It has been constructed with a multi-variable design in mind. This offers the player a chance to play with an ultra-responsive barrel. This forms an extended sweet spot and thinner barrel walls which are more forgiving in case of an off-centered contact.

  • Ring-free barrel construction allows for more barrel flex and increases performance with no “dead” spots 
  • Precision-balanced barrel results in a lower M.O.I. and balanced feel for precision and control

Benefits of using the Marucci CAT aluminum USA baseball Fastpitch Bat

Fitted with the AZ105 Alloy, the Marucci bat line is one of the most potent bats available in the market. The response rate of the tool is unmatched and also offers increased durability. 

Things to deliberate on

Marucci has created a bat that tends to sting the hands of the players quite often. It is also not suitable for children who can cross 190.

With a precision balanced barrel, Marucci has created a bat that lowers the M.O.I  while providing precision and control to the hitter. 

Axe Bat 2020 Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Bat

Highlighted features 

  • Size is 30 inches
  • Weighs 18 oz
  • Sport Type is Softball
  • Manufactured by Axe
  • Made of Alloy Material
  • Available in purple and gray color

Axe offers the best value for money with their Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Bat. That bat comes prepped with a premium barrel along with a balanced swing. The engineering of the swing is tailored for speed, performance, and durability. 

Danielle Lawrie is a recipient of the title National Player of the Year 2 times and she endorses this bat. The extra weight from the non-hitting side of the bat has been reduced in this bat owing to the hyper whip end cap. So not only will it swing faster but will hit the ball harder too. 

Good attributes of the Axe Bat 2020 Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Bat

Stability in the grip of this bat due to its patented axe handle is very satisfying. These characteristics allow the hitter to swing faster because of the enhanced level of control it provides. 

Negative aspects to ponder upon

The aluminum alloy material from which the bat has been built is not entirely well-suited for fastpitch players.

Mizuno F20-Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat

Best Fastpitch Softball Bat

Main Characteristics 

  • Has a (-13) drop in weight
  • Size is 30 inch/17 oz
  • Sport type is Softball
  • Brand is Mizuno
  • Made of Aluminum
  • Available in White & Rose Gold colors

A light take on the traditional slowpitch bats, the bat by Mizuno provides its users with a durable and reliable tool to play with. Priced quite reasonably, the Mizuno F20 Finch takes the game of a player to another level due to the finesse of the bat’s design.

Remarkable Aspects of the Mizuno Fastpitch Softball Bat

Speed-helix grip of that bat is an innovative solution to a hitter’s need for support on the field. MZ-2200+ Alloy material has added fuel to that bat by making it less heavy making it suitable for an exceptionally hit.

Adverse facts about the Mizuno Fastpitch Softball Bat

Mizuno has dropped the ball on packing its bat in a way that makes it easier for its purchasers to unwrap and start using it immediately.

Mizuno has developed this bat prioritizing two things; comfort and longevity.  Manufactured in collaboration with Jennie Finch, that bat focuses on the particular requirements of a softball player.


What is the difference between slowpitch and fastpitch in softball?

Fastpitch softball is the faster version of the slowpitch game The core differentiating factor between the two games is using the “windmill” motion to make the pitch in fastball. 

How do you pitch a fast pitch?

In a fast pitch, the arm is swung up into a backswing. This will build momentum and cause the release of the ball to be swift and quick.

What’s the Best Fastpitch Softball Bat?

Since we talked about the best fastpitch softball bats, and if you stick with us till the end, we are confident you have got your pick. But are you still trying to figure out the best fastpitch softball bats? So, here is our recommendation based on our testing.

Mizuno Finch is one of our top picks for the best fastpitch softball bat. It is a suitable fast-pitch softball bat made with immense finesse and innovation. However, the comfort of hitting high-speed balls with that bat is unparalleled.

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