Best Fastpitch Softball Bat for Power Hitters – Find our Top choices

Fastpitch softball is one of the most competitive sports across the world and having the right bat in your hand is bound to make hitting outstanding shots simple. Pitches in fastpitch softball are thrown with immense speed which is why you need one of these famous softball bats to generate maximum power. So, we have a list of the best fastpitch softball bat for power hitters for you that contain all the premium models in terms of length, balance point, bat weight, and construction. Selecting the fastpitch bat is a decision that will have a significant effect on your game and determine how well you play on the field. 

With hundreds of bats being released in the market 24/7, choosing the wrong bat that will negatively affect your game is quite easy. To assist you in making the right decision, we have compiled a list of the 5 best fastpitch softball bats for power hitters.

5 Best Bats for Power Hitters for Fastpitch Softball 

Hit precise shots on the field with these prime models for best bats for power hitters for fastpitch softball. Every one of them has been designed to get the most out of every swing you take. Here is a detailed list of the greatest fastpitch softball bats famous for their unique engineering. 

1. DeMarini Whisper Fastpitch Softball Bat (Best Value for money)

DeMarini Whisper Fastpitch Softball Bat (Best Value for money)

DeMarini put all their efforts into developing their newest addition to the group the 2023 DeMarini Whisper Fastpitch Softball Bat. In fastpitch, the batting power is a result of 2 core components which include the swing and the functional force and weight of the player.  That bat is Ideal for advanced hitters who are seeking to launch extra-base hits. The 

DeMarini Whisper is one of its kind, showcasing an anomaly connection that results in a smooth transfer of energy. Made with a blend of sturdy and light material, the DeMarini Whisper is able to maintain the integrity of the barrel. In lieu of the traditional Gapped Wall technology, DeMarini has introduced the novel amplified gapped wall continuous fiber barrel that results in a larger gap between the walls to substantially improve performance. 

Key Features

  • Made with composite material to maximize power output
  • The barrel has been paired with a stiff handle that provides positive feedback when contact occurs 
  • Featuring an anomaly end cap that optimizes performance
  • The handle is the 0.840″ Trumpet Handle that provides immense power to the hitter
  • Showcasing the amplified gapped wall continuous fiber barrel that bats augments performance and produces a brighter sound on contact 


  • Stiff Feel
  • Smaller Weight


  • Can crack in cold temperatures

In the end, we recommend purchasing the DeMarini Whisper as it is fitted with premium technology that assists power hitters in their game. Furthermore, that bat can reduce vibrations to offer the player a solid feel on the field. 

2. Easton Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Softball Bat (Best budget)

Easton Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Softball Bat (Best budget)

For power hitters, the best fastpitch softball bat has a large barrel which creates a big sweet spot. The patented double-barrel construction offers the best sensation and sounds with its massive sweet spot. The Easton Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Softball Bat falls into this category as it features some out-of-the-world technology such as the Sonic Comp and Connexion Technology. The Sonic Comp makes the bat extremely high performing and creates a soft sound that proves why the Easont Ghost Double Barrel is one of the ideal bats for power hitters at the moment. 

The cherry on top is the stiffness of the barrel flex created by the new connexion technology in the bat. The Ghost Double Barrel is one of the prime bats by Easton that makes softball a joy for players of all skill levels. Easton has upgraded the carbon fiber barrel which makes it more reliable than any of its past versions. 

Key Features

  • Features a massive sweet spot due to its patented double-barrel construction
  • Fitted with the new sonic comp combined with a sturdy composite that produces iconic sounds in the game
  • Equipped with the new connection technology that removes vibrations
  • With two barrels that bat forms flex that provides a greater batted-ball speed


  • Provided a cushioned grip
  • Creates fantastic sounds
  • Hot straight out of the wrapper


  • Only available in one size

Overall, we believe the Easton Ghost Double Barrel should be on every fastpitch player’s list as it hit the seams off the ball. Easton has cracked the code for making a bat that is every power-hitters dream come true in terms of strength and power. 

3. Louisville Slugger 2022 Xeno Fastpitch Softball Bat (Best for Contact Hitters)

Louisville Slugger 2022 Xeno Fastpitch Softball Bat (Best for Contact Hitters)

A very famous model amongst the lineup for the best fastpitch softball bats for power hitters, the Louisville Slugger Xeno is truly a masterpiece. A bat that has been created particularly to help power hitters, the engineering on the Xeno helps contact hitters get the most out of every hit. 

That bat has a stiff feel to it that provides enhanced control to the hitter. If you are a heavy hitter who has been hitting a dead end in the search for a new softball bat that does not need breaking in, you can rest easy now. As the Lousiville Slugger Xeno features the S1ID Barrel alongside the IST technology which can be associated with the stiffness of the bat. Not only is that bat carefully constructed on the inside, but on the outside, it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing bats to grace the market. 

Key Features

  • Featuring the Dual-Disc S1ID barrel technology, that bat is ready to be used right out of the wrapper
  • Showcasing the IST Technology Two-Piece Construction, that bat maintains the stiff feel of the bat and leads to a solid contact
  • The X-Cap design combined with the stiff feel of the bat enhances the performance and feel of the bat on each swing
  • Equipped with a standard fastpitch grip, that bat augments feel and comfort at the dish 


  • Requires little to no time to break in
  • Suitable for both inexperienced and professional players
  • Weight is flawlessly distributed throughout the barrel


  • Comes with a risk of cracking 

Overall we have placed the Lousiville Slugger Xeno on this list as it showcases durability and strength as its core features and that bat has the ability to make flawless contact so players can play their best game on the field. 

4. Rawlings 2023 Mantra Fastpitch Softball Bat (Most Durable)

Rawlings 2023 Mantra Fastpitch Softball Bat (Most Durable)

The Rawlings Mantra is an amazing bat that has been made to support strong softball players. It enables them to create more power with its innovative F2 Collar technology. The energy transfer due to this feature does an exceptional job of improving the experience for players out there. Manufacturers at Rawlings have made substantial improvements to their new model that makes Mantra one of the best fastpitch softball bats for power hitters. Additionally, Mantra comes with a 3-step inner barrel that is a rare occurrence on other softball bats in the market. 

This creates a substantial amount of “pop” that adds volumes to the game in terms of performance and experience. Rawlings has made the smart move of enhancing their outer barrel by developing it 15% thinner. This offers the bat a rebound effect that results in the bat flying a vast distance on every hit. 

Key Features

  • Featuring the completely reconstructed F2 Collar assemble that leads to a smooth transfer of energy with barrel control
  • Equipped with a 3-step inner barrel that provides an equilibrium between the pop and weight 
  • Made with an ultra-thin outer barrel that develops unparalleled trampoline off the bat 
  • The lightweight cap leads to augmented swing speed and concentrated mss
  • With a smart knob, the blast motion fitted knob can accumulate swing data in practice and games


  • Extremely balanced in the hand
  • The handle has a great grip


  • Difficulty in tracing the swing data 

In a nutshell, we recommend purchasing the Rawlings 2023 Mantra as it has been designed cleverly and comes equipped with a sensor that will help you improve your game throughout the season. 

5. Easton Ghost Advanced Fastpitch Softball Bat (Best Overall)

Easton Ghost Advanced Fastpitch Softball Bat (Best Overall)

As implied by the ingenious name, the Ghost Advanced by Easton has been manufactured for professional players in particular. They can get the best of their abilities out of this bat as it has a lot to offer in terms of design, build, and durability. The 2023 version of the Easton Ghost Advanced shows significant improvement with its double-barrel construction that generates a huge amount of flex for enhanced performance. Additionally, the sonic comp material has also been augmented to become the Sonic Comp Max. 

This material is notably sturdy, far better in comparison to the previous model of the Ghost Advanced. The connection part forms a separation between the handle and the barrel that decreases any vibrations that might disturb the hitter on mishits. 

Key Features

  • Features the patented double barrel 2 design that forms the lowest possible compression
  • Made with enhanced compost material that leads to maximum performance and prominent sounds
  • Fitted with the power boost technology in the soft knob that offers hitters extra leverage and strength 
  • Showcases the two-piece connexion evolution that eliminates vibrations 


  • Reduced Vibrations
  • Premium Grip


  • Quite Expensive

In summation, we have placed the Easton Ghost Advanced on the list for the best fastpitch softball bats for power hitters as it manages to create the most amazing feeling that is possible with a two-piece bat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a heavier bat better for softball?

In terms of softball bat weight, the general rule is that larger, stronger players favor a heavier bat for maximum power. Smaller players on the other hand prefer a lighter bat that creates greater bat speed. 

How to choose a fastpitch softball bat?

An amazing guideline for choosing the right softball bat is to take the bat and place the knob in the middle of your chest, if are able to hold the barrel with your hand then you have found a great length. 

Does swinging a heavy bat increase bat speed?

Normally a heavier player is stronger than a lighter player and is therefore capable of generating more bat and hand speed. Along with this, they have the ability to swing a heavier bat that allows the batter to develop greater momentum and more exit velocity and distance. 

Final Thoughts – The Best Fastpitch Softball Bat for Power Hitters

Having to decide on one ideal bat out of all the awesome options available in the industry, can be overwhelming. We have made the task immensely simpler for you by choosing the top fastpitch softball bat for power hitters on the list. We are pleased to announce our choice is 

  • The Easton Ghost Advanced Fastpitch Softball Bat owing to its comfortable grip, strong build, and unique technology not only improved the performance of the hitter but made sure they enjoyed the experience in every single game. 

In case you have any further queries or concerns with respect to the bat that would work perfectly for you, drop them in the comments section below. We would be happy to help you out!

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