Best Big Barrel Bats | Power Up Your Game

DeMarini Voodoo ONE, Best Big Barrel Bats

In the competitive world of baseball, every choice and each move of the player counts. So does the choice of baseball bats. If you are an athlete or budding player longing to excel in the game, big barrel bats are one such win-defining factor. Featuring a big barrel diameter, the best big barrel bats have … Read more

Best Wood Bats Under 100 | Top Budget-Friendly Options

Louisville Slugger 2022 Quest Fastpitch Softball Bat, Best Wood Bats Under 100

It’s not a written rule that a high-performing game can only be possible by having support gear with a high price tag. It is possible to have budget and performance together. Our well-thought-out selection of best wood bats under 100 dollars will help you perfect your hits and deliver responsiveness. They are affordable to everyone … Read more

Best Wood Bats For Contact Hitters | Our Top Picks

Rawlings Velo Maple Wood Baseball Bat, Best Wood Bats For Contact Hitters

Contact hitters are the backbone of any baseball game, known for their precise shots, perfect timing, and skill to make solid contact with the baseball. For contact hitters, wood bats are meant to have the features of cutting-edge engineering, finesse, and optimum performance. The best wood baseball bats for contact hitters serve the purpose of … Read more

What Is ERA In Baseball And Pitching Stats

What Is ERA In Baseball

ERA in baseball or Earned run average, is one of the most often used statistics in baseball. Every MLB fan should be aware of it. Even while MLB is showing an increasing passion for statistics, some league statistics remain important years after they were initially developed, perhaps just a few, particularly than ERA.  It is … Read more

Best Composite Wood Bats (Power Hitters Choice)

Rawlings Big Stick Elite Composite Wood Baseball Bat, Best Composite Wood Bats

The composite wood bats are used mainly by power hitters because they are the ones after the higher and speedy shots, which can be achieved because of the lightweight and wide sweet spot of the best composite wood bats. So if you are an aspiring player dreaming of becoming a power hitter or you are … Read more

What Does DFA Mean In Baseball?

What Does DFA Mean In Baseball

Baseball jargon is more complex and difficult than medical jargon. Some various terms and words are difficult to understand if you are a newbie in the baseball world. One such term is DFA. So, what does DFA mean in baseball?  DFA, in layperson’s terms, means designated for Assignment. In the ever-changing world of baseball, the … Read more