Top 11 Best Softball Pitchers Of All Time Records, & Complete Details

Top 11 Best Softball Pitchers Of All Time Records, Strikeouts & Complete Details

Being human, it’s our nature to seek our ideals in Every Field of life. As a Softball Player, you also searched for your heroes. So, here are the details for the best softball pitcher of all time so that you could get your aspirations according to their career, achievements and records.

Softball is not among the best and most popular sports globally. In the complete squad of the game, pitchers are the ones who have the important responsibility. Famous softball pitchers helped to bring the game toward the winning end. 

It has been played in the United States since 1930. Softball Fastpitch’s popularity has only recently continued to increase. Inclusively, Pitching is an art, and we have a list of Pitchers who are the best in this art and won the national championship.

Professional softball Pitchers Of All Time

Today we are going to take a look at some of the best softball pitchers of all time. Yet, another impossible task. We are talking about multiple eras with different levels of competition, all sorts of stages and awards to look at, championships, and then some pure domination during their time. 

1- Cat Osterman (2002-2003, 2005-2006)

First and foremost, let’s start with the inarguable cat Osterman. An absolute legend in the circle, then at Texas, and still a legend in the circle. Osterman is a three-time national player of the year and back-to-back award winner for the best player in college softball. Do you ever really think about How good that is? Osterman tallied 2265 strikes. And the best ratio record in the NCAA and had the perfect games in her career.

2- Monica Abbott (2004-2007)

Next up, Monica Abbott, another no-brainer. Abbott is the NCAA strike queen with 2440 and set a single-season record with 724 strikeouts as a senior. The 2007 national player of the year and award winner has the most victories and shutouts in NCAA history and certainly goes down as one of the best pitchers of all time. 

3- Lisa Fernandez (1990-1993)

Don’t worry; LISA will always be remembered. We are talking about an absolute legend who won the honda award not once or not twice but all four years she played at UCLA. That is pure domination. She took home two titles for the bruins and finished with a 22-era. Yes, you heard that right, and on top of those four honda awards, she also took home the honda broader cup for not only being the best female softball player. But the best female collegiate athlete. 

4- Michele Granger (1996)

Here is another pitcher from this same time. Michele Granger might have taken home those awards, but she still made herself one of the best. She still owns the NCAA record for most career no-hitters ever. With 25 numbers. Yes, it is still a different period, but she dominated it too, breaking the record at the time with 1640 strikeouts during her career with a 46 era.

5- Jennie Finch (1999-2002)

Next, we have one and only Jennie Finch, probably the most well-known softball pitcher in the game’s history, rightfully. So you can name so many pitchers, but no one else pulled off what finch did in 2001, going 32-0 in the circle in winning the national title. The 2001 and 2002 back-to-back honda award winners set the record for winning percentage and most consecutive wins in that season.

6- Danielle Lawrie (2008-2010)

She is one of the best NCAA softball pitchers, and her career at Washington shows it. Laurie struck out 1860 batters in her career, including 521 in 2009 on her way to Washington’s first-ever national title. Lori also won USA softball player of the year back-to-back year and the Honda award twice in 2009 and 2010, which to me, says enough.

7- Courtney Blades (1999-2000)

Courtney Blades from southern Mississippi also makes this list. Blades might not have been on a team that took home national titles, but she still proved to be one of the top pitchers taking home the honda award in 2000. If that’s not enough, there’s more. In 2000 she broke Michelle granger’s previous NCAA strikeout record and led southern miss to the women’s college’s world series. She finished the season with 663 strikeouts, bringing her career total to 1773. A record that stood until 2006. Blades still holds the NCAA record for the most wins in a season, with 52 victories in 2000.

8- Keilani Ricketts (2009-2013)

Let’s look at Keilani Ricketts next, as this Oklahoma ace takes a spot on this list of best pitchers of all time. Ricketts took the home title for the Sooners and won back-to-back national players of the year honors and back-to-back honda awards. Let’s just put the cherry on top. She won the honda broader cup for best collegiate female athlete in 2013. Only a few legendary pictures on this list can say they did that. Can we talk about those Arizona pitchers again? I have two more that deserve to be on this list,amu events and Alicia Hollowell. Even Taryn accomplished some unbelievable things in the circle for the Wildcats. 

9- Nancy Evans (1998-2005)

Let’s start with Nancy Evans, who did something that was the first time anyone else on this list accomplished as a collegiate athlete, winning three national championships. Her 124 and eight career pitching record is still the number 1 pitcher in softball history. That sealed that deal for me, but she finished with 0.98 eras and won the honda award in 1998. 

10- Alicia Hollowell (2002-2007)

There is Alica Hollowell ALICA HOLLOWELL, who won a national title with the Wildcats in 2006. Finished with a .87 era in a more modern era and had 1768 strikeouts., She leads all Arizona pitchers with includes two other names already on this list in career wins, strikeouts, inning pitch, and strikeout ratio, so to me, how can she not go down as one of the best?

11- Rachel Garcia (2017-2021)

Last but certainly not least, I must mention Rachel Garcia. Her collegiate career is still ongoing, but her Honda border cup in 2019 gives her the nod, and we only have more to come from UCLA. Some other names that deserve mention are Kelly Barnhill, Taryn Moet, Tracy Compton, Paige Parker, Michelle Smith, and Megan king. The list goes on and on, but that wraps up my picks for the best pitchers of all time; who would be on your list? Let us know, and follow all things softball here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best NCCA Softball Pitcher?

The best college softball pitcher of all time is Cat Osterman, Texas. Who played between the years 2002 and 2003? She remained the best throughout the year for college softball season. 

Who is the most famous female softball pitcher?

Jennie Finch was the most famous softball pitcher. She has gone up in popularity while playing softball since her college time. 

What is the fastest-ever softball pitch thrown by a female pitcher?

The fastest recorded softball pitch is 123.9 km (77 mph), thrown by USA national player Monica Abbott in 2012 in a national fastpitch game.  

So, Which one is Your Favorite Softball Picture of All Time

We heard from multiple softball lovers and fans about the best softball pitcher of all time. From all of these, then, the name comes CAT OSTERMAN. She made high achievements in the game throughout her career as a softball pitcher. Osterman might not achieve the championship record, but she accomplished more in pitching. She remained in the rank 3 of all time strikeouts. 

Do, let us know in the comments below, who is your favorite and why.

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