Best Softball Positions | Complete Guidelines

Best Softball Positions

One of the necessary things you have to pick as a softball player is pointing out the best softball position that suits you best for you. It is very important because it is part of your identity. When some player and senior asks what your role is or which position you play in the softball game, you will be proud to tell them your position and role. 

Coaches usually used to be very curious about the positions in Softball of the younger Player in the beginning. For this curiosity, coaches must consider which Player has the best arm, good speed, and better communication skills.

Positions in Softball are just like Baseball positions. Moreover, there are nine positions in the Softball game. Inclusively, the positions are divided into four categories: the outfield, the inner field, the pitcher, and the catcher. For your best Softball position, please stay connected with us.

9 Best Softball Positions: A Full Guide for Softball Players

If you are new in this softball world and got stuck figuring out your best position and role in the game, this post is totally for you. We are describing here some main and common points about the best softball positions needed to become a pro player. 


They are totally in control of the entire pace of the softball game. There are some of the pitcher’s main responsibilities, outcomes, and demands. 

  • They must have the best technique and strength.
  • Easily handle the temperament of the game.
  • Full command of controlling the players.
  • Handle pressure, and come back from any pressure.
  • Have the best pitching delivery.


When we talk about catchers, they must have the best mental and physical strength. The basic purpose of a catcher is to catch all pitches and forward them to the second and third baseman to secure runners from stealing bags. Some responsibilities of catchers are:

  • They have good mental strength.
  • Must be a man of strong legs & arms.
  • Blocking and fast footing are the main skills of a catcher.
  • Must control and predict the pitcher.
  • Physically fit ability must be necessary things.
  • Have good receiving techniques.


They are the best and top softball infield players to play a very important role. Sometimes, shortstops must play double plays with the second baseman. Some important responsibilities of shortstops in softball games are:

  • These position players must have the best glove skills.
  • Best Arms strength is necessary for shortstops.
  • A little bit of know-how about leadership is necessary.
  • Must be a player of sharpness and the best range.
  • The Player with strong protecting & covering ability.
  • Have strong field visions & player motion knower.

Right Fielder

These are mostly known as the strongest fielder in the game because they are required to play the tossed ball toward third base. They are skilled compared to the center fielder. Here are some responsibilities of the Right Fielder position:

  • Must have the best arm-hitting and throwing power.
  • Sees fewer flying softballs because of more players.
  • Must be a man of good running speed.

First Baseman

1st basemen are the top power hitter on the team. There must be several key features of a first baseman:

  • Players have a good command of reading throws to get outs on each throw, which they receive from other fielders.
  • First basemen must have the best talent and great responsiveness because the line goes to first base.
  • Having the best power hitter must be the main responsibility of the first baseman.
  • Must have the best mental strength and also be strong overall.

Second Base

When we talk about the great defensive Player of the game, the second baseman is the best option of all of the other softball players of the game. Some best qualities must a second baseman have:

  • Second baseball player must be light-footed and sharp.
  • The Player must have appropriate throwing arms.
  • Have the skill of double playing.
  • Must be a Top and skilled hitter.
  • Have great command and understand the game.

Third Baseman

This is the main Player in the infield and is responsible for protecting third base. The third baseman of Softball has full command of offensive and defensive abilities. The following are some responsibilities of a third baseman:

  • Players must have defensive arms to make long throws. 
  • Have good playing ability.
  • A good power hitter must be a quality of this Player.
  • It must have full confidence in itself.

Center Fielder

It is the best protective Player whose responsibility is to cover the field (defensive) position. There are a lot of responsibilities to have to cover for a center fielder, which are given here:

  • Center fielder softball player must have very fast speed
  • Have a full grip on the arms to protect the position
  • Must be a fast runner in the infield
  • Player have judgemental in the flying ball

Left Fielder

The Player of the left fielder position must have the best outfield location in the game. Have the best command of defensive and managing skills. Few are some qualities and responsibilities that must be necessary for the left fielder player:

  • Must have top running speed
  • Best gloves skills must be necessary
  • Must be the best hitter in the game
  • Should have strong management and fielding skills

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important softball position?

All of these nice softball positions are necessary for a player. But the most important is the position of the Pitcher and the Catcher.

Which position in Softball is the hardest out of All?

If we talk about the position having more responsibilities and control, Shortstop is very hardest of all other softball positions.

Which position is easiest in the softball game?

The right field is one of the easiest softball positions compared to other softball players.

Closing End of best Softball Positions

Indeed, Softball is a fantastic and interesting game. The best thing about this game is that the Player is always in the mood of learning new tricks and improving his abilities. In the beginning, Softball is a bit difficult to play, but as you play the game, the more you progress and understand every position. 

When you take more time to play, you are near to learning about the hard and easy areas of the softball positions. Every position is difficult in its own regard, but when you learn about it, you emphasize that specific one more. 

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