What Is ERA In Baseball And Pitching Stats

What Is ERA In Baseball

ERA in baseball or Earned run average, is one of the most often used statistics in baseball. Every MLB fan should be aware of it. Even while MLB is showing an increasing passion for statistics, some league statistics remain important years after they were initially developed, perhaps just a few, particularly than ERA.  It is … Read more

What Does DFA Mean In Baseball?

What Does DFA Mean In Baseball

Baseball jargon is more complex and difficult than medical jargon. Some various terms and words are difficult to understand if you are a newbie in the baseball world. One such term is DFA. So, what does DFA mean in baseball?  DFA, in layperson’s terms, means designated for Assignment. In the ever-changing world of baseball, the … Read more

What Is A QAB In Baseball – Baseball Planet

What Is A QAB In Baseball

If you’re a fan of baseball or just naturally interested, you may wonder, “What is a QAB in baseball?” after seeing the term. Without any doubt, you are not alone. Many people who love baseball don’t know what it means. In non-professional baseball, coaches and players frequently use quality at-bats as a tool, even though … Read more

How To Use Front Elbow Baseball Swing?

Are you having a lot of trouble with your front elbow baseball swing and finding your body aches after just one swing? Then, don’t worry if you are still reading this because this internet guide will help you to strive to be the greatest of all. Timing is the entire thing when swinging the bat. … Read more