Funny And Encouraging Baseball Chants To Boost Your Team

Do you want to express your excitement and appreciation for your team in a more lively and enthusiastic way because you get bored of just watching and supporting them? Then, you’ve come to the right place because we will provide you with the best inspiring baseball chants or something fun and silly. The good news is that many chants are very easy to learn and will quickly become popular in the dugout. The bad part is that your team may feel ashamed, but that’s all in good humor! 

So, let’s discover the word of chants according to player position, with a special focus on pitchers and hitters that will boost the game atmosphere.

What are Baseball Chants?

Chants for baseball, or any other sport, are an excellent way to support and energize your team.

Whatever you want to call Chants, chatter, banter, verbal applause, and screams have existed since baseball was divided into leagues. 

Baseball chants are children’s poems or rhymes yelled loud enough to be heard hundreds of feet away by the opposition. They are typically yelled in harmony by two or more people, whether in the dugout, the stands, or off on the other side of the field.

Simple chants, like yells or chanting the name of their team or favorite player, are a great way to promote team spirit and get the crowd involved because anyone is welcome to join in! Similarly, humorous chants about opponents can make players laugh, let them start enjoying themselves, and highlight their confidence.

Chants are typically brief and sweet because the person triggering them wants as many fans to join in as possible. They are only effective if the majority of the audience participates. 

These chants often start from enthusiastic supporters who encourage their team to stay focused even when losing or simply having a poor game.

Examples of Chants Used in Baseball

If you’re a baseball fan, you should be in touch with it because this is the most famous chant. But if you don’t know about this, here are a few lyrics that will help you start the chant.

Take me out with the crowd;

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,

I don’t care if I never get back.

Let me root, root, root for the home team,

If they don’t win, it’s a shame.

For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out,

At the old ball game

It’s a great way to uplift their spirits, and this is one of the easiest chants you’ll ever learn. are sure the crowd will know it anyway. 

There are countless ways to categorize the different kinds of baseball cheers. Anyone out on the field is the target of many chants. If baseball defensive players wanted to escape verbal abuse, they had nowhere to go.

  1. Home Run Chants

A positive and encouraging chant is necessary during a home run because it’s an enthusiastic moment! Home run shouts are excellent ways to support the team!

These are some wonderful chants for you to sing: 

Chant No. 1


That’s the best place for us,

We have got the bases loaded,

Come on,

And we’re going, going, going,


Yes, that’s right, it’s the place for us!

Chant No. 2

The players will get very excited when they hear this chant, which is best for urging the team to hit a home run. 

We want a single, just a little single,

S‐I‐N‐G‐L‐E, single ( Repeat 2 times)

We want a double, just a little double,

D‐O‐U‐B‐L‐E, double (Repeat 2 times)

We want a triple, just a little triple,

T‐R‐I‐P‐L‐E, triple (Repeat 2 times)

We want a home run, just a little homerun,

H‐O‐M‐E‐R‐U‐N, homerun, homerun,


Chant No. 3

This seems lovely with the song by Oscar Mayer Weiner: 


Our team is the best ever,

They never lose a match.

They hit the ball.

Out of the park

And, surrounding the base,

When the other teams see us,

We scare them all away.

And that’s because we’re among the best.

Our team will win today.

  1. Heckling the Umpire

It depends on what you prefer saying because some people find these chants offensive, while others find them amusing. It’s all for fun, and nothing terrible is intended.

Chant No. 1

It’s against the law to make prank calls!

Chant No. 2

You’re doing a bad job for a guy who only works 2 hours a day!

Chant No. 3

C’mon, ump?

What was that call?

What’s the matter?

Can’t you see the ball?

  1. Team Cheers and Chants

Team chants are a great way to unite fellow players, whether winning or losing, because they can inspire them to do their best, even better than they are right now. 

Chant No. 1

Our team is what? Dynamite! ( Repeat 2 times )

Our team is tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM Dynamite!

Your team is what? Dynamite! (Repeat 2 times)

Your team is tick, tick, tick, tick PSSHHH, Yeah, right!

Chant No. 2

Be aggressive, be, be aggressive,

B‐E A‐G‐G‐R‐E‐S‐S‐I‐V‐E.!

Chant No. 3

What we’ve got,

We’ve got a lot,

We’ve got a team that’s red hot!

  1. Hitters Chants

Every time favorite batters take the field, the fans go crazy. They start to yell joyous cheers to express their love for the team and player.

But there are rules for cheering on hitters that keep the game fair. The crowd is directed to stay silent when the batter is ready to move to drop the ball.

Here are a few baseball cheers that the fans use to encourage the hitters.

Chant No. 1

Move back (x2)

Our home run hitter’s up to bat.

Move up  (x2)

You never know if he will bunt.

Chant No. 2

Down the field,

Over the line!

Let’s do it! 


Chant No. 3



Whatever it takes!

When you hit that ball,

We wanna see the bat break!

  1. Little League Players Chants

Little League baseball chants emphasize encouraging statements to boost the players’ spirits. Chanting negative comments about the other team members is not allowed.

Chant No. 1

Slider speedy,

Or even a curve,

Pitch, pitch, pitch the ball,

We don’t care how but,

Strike him out!

Chant No. 2

“The “yay-ers” might argue it’s all in good fun. Ehhh…

It’s meant to build comradery. Perhaps…

It’s part of every sport. shrug

They’re just cheering their friends on. True.

It’s “cute”. Is it really, though?”

Chant No. 3

We want a pitcher,

Not a belly itcher

The pitcher’s got a rubber arm

  1. Dugout Hitters Chants

The baseball players on benches yell encouragement for participants on the field with dugout chants. It usually voices shortly as a player enters the game and at the very start of it.

A dugout zone is situated between home plate and first or third base on the playing field. All team players who do not need to play are positioned in the digging corner. 

This area also offers the managers’, umpires’, and player equipment.

Chant No. 1

Move back (Repeat 2 times)

Our home run hitter’s up to bat.

Move up,

Move up,

You never know if he will bunt.

Chant No. 2

Down the field,

Over the line!

Let’s do it!


  1. Pitchers Chants

These cheers are ideal to boost any pitcher’s confidence as they prepare to toss the ball. According to the game’s rules, a baseball team can use a variety of cheers to encourage a pitcher. The dugouts are where the strike-out rhymes are more common.

Chant No. 1

Concentrate, pitch that ball,

Make that player strike at the plate!

Chant No. 2

Slider speedy,

Or even a curve,

Pitch, pitch, pitch the ball,

We don’t care how but,

Strike him out!

When Should Cheers or Chants Begin in Baseball?

Before the game begins, it’s normal for teams to chant to let their teammates know they have support.

  • Chants are also often heard during the seventh inning stretch, but only in higher divisions (college and up) where nine innings are played.
  • To keep up the tide when your team’s hitter exceeds home plate following a home run
  • Once the bases are filled
  • During timeouts
  • When pitchers, players, or batters are substituted
  • Following superb plays in defense
  • Following triple and double plays!
  • Mainly during the pitcher’s few warm-up pitches in between innings of play


At this point, when you are well familiar with these baseball chants, you can use them to support your favorite player or team and develop a close relationship with them. If they feel the support of their fans, it can inspire them to keep heading throughout. Also, the cheers can be adjusted to honor a specific player or someone who is expected to hit a home run. On the other hand, there are many alternatives to experimenting with new chants. Whichever one of these you decide to chant during the next game is sure to be successful!

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