What are the Best Softball Positions | A Comprehensive Guide

Every Player and athlete wants to perform well in their related game. So, they want to check the effective position which suits them well during the gameplay. But what are the Best Softball Positions? Let’s discuss this.

Softball Positions

9 Best Softball Positions to Play as PRO

We are describing here all nine positions. That plays a vital role in the success of the Softball game. Their Softball Positions are Pitcher, Catcher, First, Second, and Third Base. Including shortstop, left, center and the last one is right fielder plays. Of all these positions, Pitcher (Short Stop) is the hardest position. And the left Fielder & Second base is the easiest positions to carry.


The main goal of a pitcher is to forward the Softball to the catcher. So that the batter cannot bat the ball. Even hitting him out. Yet, these pitches must be legal. Knowing that the throw must be within the top strike zone from the source’s shoulders to knees. Along with this, there must be some good qualities that must be present in the best Pitcher.

  • Must be Mentally tough 
  • Play eagerly under pressure
  • Good understanding of pitching and the ball
  • Best athletic delivery
  • Having demandable leadership skills


Player behind the scene needs to have great communication skills. Unless they may give announcements for plays and needs to make confirmation. That the defense knows what to do. However, the catcher must be a strong arm to endorse the long throws. A catcher at very far levels will also pass signals for pitches. That is based on what the Player notices from the other end of the plate. Qualities that a catcher must have in it:

  • Must be a strong-armed
  • Having Allegiant mentality
  • Best Catching techniques
  • Ability to Block the ball
  • Must have strong legs

First Baseman

Most coaches choose the taller and stronger Player as the first Baseman. Because they are supposed to defend the throw against other players. Hence the Player must be a good catcher and defender as well. Some of the best coaches said many bad throws came into existence. To defend all these throws, someone goof must be at these important and Best Softball Positions.” This Player requires some abilities which are given here.

  • It is very task to handle this position
  • No Extra energy is needed
  • Hit the ball over long distances
  • Defend bad throws

Second Baseman

Second Baseman should be very active and also have the best throwing ability. That position’s main role is to grip every catch at the second base. Hence, they also have a helping hand for the first Baseman. If we talk about their abilities, there must have fast speed. Yet the Best throwing speed, the best thinking level, and the best teamwork collaboration.

  • Must be active and sharp
  • Quick ball hitter
  • Brilliant defensive skills
  • Vast knowledge of the game

Third Baseman

All the qualities of the third Baseman are just like the short stops. Elsewhere they are most defensive compared to others. Even they do not have to move like short stops or second Baseman. It means these players must have heavy bodies. There must be some qualities that should be present in the Player.

  • It would help if you had strong arms to catch the ball effectively.
  • It should be more power hitter as compared to others.
  • Not afraid of any fastball
  • Like shortstop, he shouldn’t be at fielding range

Short Stop

In every gameplay, they must have better qualities than other best athletes. There should be some qualities in these players too.

  • Good Gloves grip skills
  • Best Range of gameplay
  • Top leadership qualities 
  • Also should be mentally fit
  • Best arm grip
  • Should have a broader field vision

Left Fielder

Same as other players, players in left field have top best fielding skills and have fast speed. Players should be good participators in the field. Some qualities of a Left Fielder are:

  • It must be an average arm grip
  • They should be the best outfielder
  • Have hitting qualities in it
  • Must have the best speed, but not have a fast one

Center Field

There are many responsibilities for that Player. It requires the best speed and good ball-observing ability. Several outfielders became the best hitter due to their speed and ending-up qualities.

Some Qualities of a Center Fielder are:

  • Top Fielding player
  • Convert the abilities into a slap hitter
  • Having the fast speed
  • They are good base runners due to their speed
  • Excellent judgemental about the flyball

Right Fielder

Softball players are right fielders due to their strong arms and solid grip on the ball. There are a lot of skills and requirements of this Fielder. Some Qualities and abilities must be in the Right Fielder.

Sometimes it is outfielders. Their basic purpose is to carry and forward the ball. That goes beyond the infield. Teammates arrange and make all these as their distances are very far apart from all the other players. They are supposed to be strong throwers compared to other team players.

Some Qualities of Right Fielders must have:

  • These must hit the ball very compared to others
  • Must have more energy
  • Have high throwing power
  • Have top-class speed
  • Not more skilled than the center fielder

What are the Benefits of Softball Positions?

The technique suits best when we talk about the Softball position. Figuring out the best Softball spots makes or breaks your ranking. Remembering the best position sounds very difficult for any beginner and pro-level Player. But remembering the Best Softball Positions is not so difficult. Because as you read the piece of information, you will learn all the position points of Softball. Here are some of the top benefits of Softball Positions.

Develop Strength in the Player

At the beginner level, every Player performs in multiple positions. Sometimes Player maintains the top positions and some on the end side. Due to the shifting of every spot, a player gets familiar with every position and can play on each rotation. So, due to softball positions, apart from all other benefits, only one benefit is athletic abilities in player attitude. 

Increases Softball Mentality

Along with the first benefit, other pros come from positioning the players of Softball. The Player gets an idea about different positions because the role of an outfielder is different from the other end role. When a player plays at one position and another gameplay, he takes the responsibilities of another position. Due to changes in different aspects, players thinking level increases. 

Fewer Chances of Getting Tired

In any game, some players get frustrated by playing (enjoying) the same regime. That is all due to the same repentance of tasks, things, and levels. When someone defensor or offense comes into this same routine, there are most of the chances that they go into burnout. 

So at the primary school level or basic playing level, coaches are supposed to select that specific game. Here are fewer chances of getting tired due to the same number of repeated things. Softball is before all these types of games. 

Because in the gameplay, when a player gets bored in some specific position, a coach can easily replace their position in the next round. Also, the Player can learn and play aggressively in the new position rather than getting fatigued at one stagnant spot in the whole game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is the Hardest Position in Softball?

Throughout all of the nine positions, it is difficult to decide which one is hard to position. Most of the coaches thought that both the Pitcher and shortstop were difficult ones.

2- Which one is the easiest softball position?

All nine positions have value for overall gameplay. At the Player’s initial levels, “Right Field” is the easiest position to choose because this position does not require any expertise and power. 

3- What is the most skilled position in Softball?

Shortstops position requires a full-skill player to play in. So this position is the most skilled position of all of these. As you play frequently you become the Best Softball Player. 

4- At which position will you prefer the weakest Player?

The second base is the position where a beginner (weakest) Player can make their space. It is because this position is very close to the First base.


In a nutshell, there are nine softball positions that every softball player must know, understand, and, most importantly, practice to become a pro player in this game. Softball is an advanced game that many players play. Moreover, it is the same as baseball but has many differences. 

Many of the Best Softball Positions need to be covered when discussing their positions for effective play. And to provide an advanced opportunity to learn skills for every Player. Along with these positions, you become the best in your play and get the most advanced benefits.

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