What Equipment Do You Need for Softball – Ultimate List of Must Haves

What Equipment Do You Need for Softball - Must Haves

Are you making a list of things for your first tournament with your girls? But what equipment do you need for softball is a brutal row to hoe. Well, there are a few things that each player needs, while some pieces of equipment are generally used in the game.

In softball, gamers must defend themselves from the excessive speeds the ball travels at. Depending on which function you play, you should put on protective equipment to permit transport quickly and correctly, all through video games and practices. That’s why in today’s guide we are going to talk about all the must have softball equipment. So, without further ado, let’s get into it. 

What Equipment Do You Need For a Softball?

A variety of gadgets are needed for gambling softball. A helmet, chest protector, and shin guards are the primary gadget required for protection. However, to play softball, we require a bat, a fielding guard, gloves, a shin guard, a batting helmet, batting gloves, an armed guard, sliding shorts and backpack.


The batters use bats to hit the ball and score runs for the team. The players use a bat made of wood, aluminum, or metals. The bat’s form is a cylinder, and its diameter is 6 inches. The span of the bat varies; however, it can’t be more than 86 cm.

The diameter of the barrel is 2¼ inches. Usually, gamers choose smaller barrel bats because they can swing the bat easily. Bats having smaller barrels additionally reduces weight. The weight of the bat is 1.2 kilograms.

A fielding guard

Softballs are virtually no longer as tender as the call indicates. Therefore, the narrative that it will no longer be purposeful as a lot of damage is false. A softball discipline is shorter than a baseball one, so gamers are likely to be struck withinside the face by a ball hit through the batter.

That is why all softball gamers should put on shielding faceguards while fielding. And nowadays, softball leagues require specific role fielders to wear masks, and younger gamers must wear them while playing.


Softball gloves tend to be larger than baseball gloves because the ball is giant. And with regards to gloves, softball games additionally want unique ones. Many gamers pick sporting gloves that fluctuate from mitts because they’ve man or woman fingers and are clean to transport.

What is the distinction between a baseball glove and a softball glove? Naturally, the most apparent difference is withinside the size. Softball itself is more significant than baseball. Consequently, you’ll want a giant glove to quickly trap and discipline the ball.

Shin guard 

Catchers or fielders generally put on shin guards. However, a few pitchers even use them to prevent sharp pictures from the batter. With a helmet, shin guards, and a catching glove, gamers have all the essential devices to guard themselves against extreme injury.

Batting helmet 

All batters (fastpitch and sluggish pitch) should put on batting helmets. This is one of softball’s most crucial protection gadgets, as it protects the player’s head. Not simply while they’re batting, but additionally while they’re baserunners.

In maximum cases, baserunners have their backs to the fielders, so their heads are very vulnerable. Helmets upload plenty of wanted protection. Please note: chin straps are obligatory on all young people batting helmets.

Helmets are also available in distinctive sizes, generally Small, Medium, and Large, so ensure you’ve got good helmets within the specific measures for everybody on your team. Helmets ought to be NOSCAE accepted to be criminal and safe. Don’t purchase helmets without the NOSCAE seal.

How to Select Softball Equipment – Essential Tips 

Softball is a famous game divided into incredible bureaucracy or types: the fast-pitch and the slow-pitch. Since each bureaucracy falls beneath the identical match, there are numerous similarities. However, there also are main variations in phrases of play and different game-associated concepts.

The essential distinction lies within the pace and placing the ball into play. As their names imply, speedy-pitch includes an effective and speedy ball transport. The ball is added quicker and straighter. This swift and direct transport throughout the plate makes the ball harder to hit. Fastpitch balls are generally thrown at an upwards perspective and may exceed 50-60 mph speeds.

Slow-pitch softball, also recognized as “lob ball,” grew in recognition throughout America in the early 1950s. How the ball is brought through the pitcher is the essential distinguishing function between the two sorts of softball. The fast-pitch recreation relies upon an effective pitcher supplying the ball with superb speed and misleading ball movement.

In fast-pitch, the play depends on the pitcher and the ball’s throw. In this form of softball, an effective pitcher is preferred because he can supply a throw with an incredible pace or create misleading ball moves to deter the batter from hitting the ball. The pitching fashion of fastpitch is different from that of sluggish-pitch softball. 


Softball is a bat-and-ball recreation performed among groups of 10 players. It is an immediate descendant of baseball even though there are a few key differences: softballs are larger than baseballs, and the pitches are thrown underhand instead of overhand. Softball is performed on a smaller diamond than baseball where only the right equipment in softball can help you achieve your goals.

As we had stated the must have softball equipment; now all you need is to pick the best of them and start your journey.

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