How To Become A Baseball Scout (9 Simple Steps)

Do you know you don’t need to be a support player to become a baseball scout?

Yes, a career as a baseball scout doesn’t require any supporting background. However, there are certain factors that you need to consider to know how to become a baseball scout. 

So, let’s dive in and find out how you can gain a scouting career or job in this field.

How to Become a Baseball Scout?

Scout is a group of professionally expert people who travel broadly to evaluate the skills of players chosen for their sports. 

The same is the case with baseball scouts. 

To pursue your career as a baseball scout includes both hard work and enjoyment. Because you can travel, meet, and build new relationships with players and sports professionals and gain vast experience. 

There are many factors to consider, but here we will cover the most important 9 steps to know how to become a baseball scout.

Get Deep Understanding & Knowledge:

In the past, to become a baseball scout, it was mandatory to fulfill certain steps. Starting from to become a baseball player, coach, and then afterward a scout. 

Now, you can be a baseball scout without having any experience as a player or coach. That’s why a degree in sports management, exercise sciences, or any other support-related degree that aligns with your goals would be enough. 

In addition to it, a deep understanding of baseball strategies and techniques is also encouraged.  


It would be more helpful for you to become a baseball scout if you have an opportunity to get an internship during your degree program. 

Through this, you can get more experience as expert professionals will guide you through the tasks they assign, and you will be more capable of gaining a scouting job.

Remember, each executive was once a scout. So, there is no harm in seeking an internship opportunity, even unpaid. 

Apply for Jobs: 

It is not necessary to directly get a baseball scout job. You can apply for any job related to baseball. 

However, your main focus should be to get an entry-level position. 

Afterward, your passion and hard work help you to make networks. It’s because building networks and gaining experience takes time. But your efforts offer you endless possibilities for growth in the industry.

Extensive Knowledge of the Sport:

In addition, having a deep understanding of baseball’s technical aspects is also a plus point. For example, you must be aware of the running speed, pitching styles, techniques, and batting averages.

For this, you must watch baseball matches and observe the above-mentioned important things. 

However, to gain more knowledge, playing games by yourself is more effective than anything. It will help you to get more insights into the game with hands-on experience that you can not get by watching. 

Participate in Online Courses:

Along with all of these, to enhance your knowledge, it is also beneficial to take online courses. These online courses will give you a strong technical background to enter. 

It also gives you priority over a scout who doesn’t have the same skill and knowledge. 

There are also designated courses that are helpful for aspiring scouts. For instance, MLB has its scout school where they teach. However, positions are limited, so you must be quick. 

Develop Communication Skills:

Communication plays a major part in anyone’s career, and if you want to become a baseball scout, you need to be an expert in both verbal and written communication skills. 

That’s why you learn to improve your communication skills by introducing yourself to new people you meet. You can do so by writing reports and giving feedback to players, coaches, and scouts about players. 

Additionally, active listening is the best way to improve your communication and confidence. 

Work as Scout Associate:

Large organizations have the vacancies of scout associates to help their scouts in their work. So you can volunteer as an associate scout, which help you in the following;

  • Research schools, colleges, and universities
  • Opportunity to attend games 
  • Book appointments
  • Meet new people and build a new professional environment

Additionally, working as a scout will also give you strong insights into player behaviors, and you will also gain experience in giving feedback and reporting. 

Learn to Evaluate Technical Aspects:

Being a baseball scout, you must have an insight to evaluate the players technically. That includes;

  • Player skills (hitting, running, catcher and pitching)
  • Teamwork 
  • Player’s behavior under pressure( highs and low)
  • Strategies 
  • Spin rate, velocity  
  • Etc.

For this, you have to consider the individual traits and physical attributes of each player. As a result, you will gain insights and will be capable of becoming a better scout.

Utilizing the latest Technology and Data Analysis Methods:

We are living in the era of technology. Always be efficient and access the latest technology and data analysis software to evaluate the player’s performance. 

  • Trackman is the latest technology that uses the RADAR to detect the movement of the ball.
  • SynergySports Technology video analysis software is used to analyze the video clip from every angle.

In the same way, modern analytics and statistical modes are helpful to evaluate the performance of the players. 


From all over, becoming a baseball scout is a journey full of excitement, dedication, travel, and many others. To be a good scout, you have proper education, discipline, and confidence in your ways.  Your passion and hard work will offer you a future with endless opportunities. 

Do you have any other tips to share for “how to become a baseball scout”? Write in the comments below. We would love to read. 

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