How Many Innings Are There In Baseball? (Official Numbers)

The number of innings in a baseball game contributes a lot to how long the game will be. 

There are 9 innings in baseball. However, several extra innings can also be played if it remains tied.

Additionally, the number of innings in baseball also varies depending on the league, so whether, you need to know how many innings of MLB baseball or classic and WBC. We have got you covered. 

What is an Inning?

The word inning is taken from an old English word, “inning.”

In baseball, it defines the set of regulations set for a baseball. For example, how many innings are in baseball also affects the duration of the game. 

However, you must know the word inning is also used in another game, “Cricket,” similar to the bat and ball game baseball. In this game, both teams are allowed to play a set number of balls/overs or until they are all out. 

So the same goes for baseball games. 

How Many Innings Are in Baseball?

Knowing the number of innings in a baseball game can help you to understand how long the game will be.

However, different baseball leagues or games have different numbers of innings. 

Don’t worry; keep reading as we discuss each one.

Innings in MLB Baseball:

MLB stands for Major League Baseball. As the name suggests, it is one of the majors, and others follow the number of innings in MLB. 

So, there are 9 innings in an MLB baseball game. The 9th inning can be the trickier part of the game,, where both teams try to dominate the game as there is no clear winner before then.

At this stage of the game, both opponents try to take advantage of each other’s mistakes.

Classic Baseball Innings:

Classic baseball games are played every 4 years, and the number of innings in a classic is much like a regular baseball game, and both teams are provided with an opportunity to defend.

However, the game format changes each time. Still, the requirements of 9 innings remain the same.  

Innings in Baseball WBC:

WBC stands for World Baseball Classic, and just like any other WBC competition, it also has 9 innings.

Offense and defense are both allowed. Still, if the game remains tied, extra innings can be played even after the 9th inning to get the winner of the match. 

Innings in Baseball Little League:

Do you know that the number of innings in Little League is one of the few leagues in baseball where the number of innings can vary?

So, how many innings are there in baseball Little leagues can be changed depending on several factors, such as playing level and league rules.

Typically, it can have 6 innings for younger divisions and may extend to 7 or 9 for older versions.

However, the number can go in between 9 and 12 until there is a change in league regulations. 

Innings in Baseball Minor League:

Just like major baseball leagues, minor leagues also follow 9 innings in a game. 

However, minor leagues have some exceptions to this rule. 

For example, to fit the unique game conditions, innings can vary. One of the biggest examples is that, once, the Appalachian League lasted for seven innings only. 

Innings in Baseball Playoffs:

The number of innings in baseball playoffs remains the same as in major leagues. 

However, in order to choose a clear winner, a few extra innings can be played to decide. The number of extra innings is not certain; they can be played multiple times until the winner is announced. 

Innings in Baseball if Tied:

Well, it doesn’t mean how many innings have been played if it’s tied each time. 

That’s why extra innings will be played until the winner of the game is decided where both teams are provided with the opportunity to offense and defense. 

It can be a thrilling and tense experience for both players and spectators alike. 

How Important Are the Numbers of Innings in Baseball Games?

The number of innings is the most important factor in a baseball game. It doesn’t only decide the length of the game but also the strategies implemented during the game. 

Additionally, the number of innings also plays an important part in the management of preparing pitches for the game. They prepare pitches by keeping in mind the number of innings. It also helps to keep the pitch in a good position for longer runs.

The number of innings mostly goes beyond 9 innings, where extra innings remain important to decide the winner. 

Most importantly, the players can also feel fatigued for longer innings.

That’s why, to ensure quality in the game so that the players can perform their best, the number of innings plays an important role in the baseball game.


How many innings is the longest baseball game?

The longest game in baseball lasts for 8 hours where 25 innings have been played between both teams. It occurred on May 8 and 9, 19,84 between the Chicago White Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers. Ultimately, the White Sox won 7-6. Another long game was played for 7 hours in 2018. 

Do all baseball games have 9 innings?

Yes, 9 innings is the standard length of a baseball game, but it’s not certain to have 9 innings each time as it can vary depending on several factors. For instance, the game can go beyond 9 innings, where extra innings will be played to see the winner. The game can also get shortened depending on unforeseen circumstances, such as weather, where the number of innings can be reduced accordingly. 

How many hours is a baseball game?

On average, the Major Baseball League game can go around 3 hours. However, it’s not final, as the number can go up or down depending on the number of innings played. 

How many matches are there in a baseball inning?

Generally, the baseball inning lasts for two halves – top and bottom, where the visiting team batches in the top half and the home team in the bottom. So, there are only two halves in each game.


So, understanding the number of innings in a baseball game is crucial to determining length and strategy. Across leagues like MLB, WBC, Little, and playoffs, 9 innings is the norm. However, they can also vary. 

So, if you are a beginner, knowing the number of innings is a must. 

Hopefully, this guide has created some value in yours. If you have any queries, do write in the comment section. We would love to assist. 

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