Best Men’s Softball Bats 2023 | Top 6 Bats Reviewes

Being a serious softball player, it can get challenging for men to find the perfect bat that will help them play to their best potential. Softball is a sport that runs through the veins of every American. It is an extremely competitive sport that requires immense dedication. 

Softball is a similar sport to baseball but it is played with a larger ball on a smaller field in comparison. Although softball is a sport enjoyed by both genders, fastpitch softball is more attractive for men than the slowpitch form.  In fastpitch softball, the arm of the pitcher is supposed to rotate 360 degrees over the shoulder till before the pitcher releases the ball from their hand. 

Whether you want to play this cutthroat game on a club, college, or professional level, you will need a quality bat. Various aspects of a softball bat have a visible impact on the standard of the game men can play. Let’s discuss some of the leading brands of softball bats accessible in the market. 

6 Best Men’s Softball Bats Review 

Easton AMETHYST Fastpitch Softball Bat

Highlighted features 

  • Size of the bat is 31 inches
  • Weighs 20 oz
  • Suitable for Softball
  • Manufactured by the brand Easton
  • Built with Aluminium
  • Available in Multi-colors (‎White / Purple / Yellow)
  • Handle is made of Aluminium
  • Appropriate for all Skill Levels
  • Acceptable Age Range is Youth 
  • High track Grip type
  • Grip is made with Polyurethane Material
  • Standard size of the Grip

Fastpitch softball players who aim to perfect their swing should invest in the Easton Amethyst bat. The lightweight -10 profile combined with the concave end cap offers equilibrium in the swing path across the hitting zone. 

Remarkable Aspects of the Easton AMETHYST Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton has designed this outstanding bat specifically for the youth. It has been fitted with an ALX50 Military grade Aluminium Alloy that offers increased durability and longevity in play. Furthermore, the ultra thing handle which is only 29/32 inches, creates a grip that is always comfortable to play with in any weather. 

Negative aspects to ponder upon

A factor that might bug a player on the field is the lightness of the bat. It might be difficult for players to land a good hit with this bat in professional settings. This is also why kids from the younger age group might experience that the bat dents after just a few games.

Reaching a balanced point with your softball game is a huge feat for any softball player and Easton offers hitters this opportunity theri Fastpitch softball players who aim to perfect their swing should definitely invest in the Amethyst bat by Easton.

Miken Chaos Slowpitch Softball Bat 

Chief Characteristics

  • Weighs 26 oz
  • 34 inches in Size
  • Manufactured by Miken Sports
  • Available in Black & Optic Yellow Colors
  • Suggested for use by both Genders
  • Sport Type is Softball
  • Suitable for all Skill Levels
  • Handle is made of Aluminium
  • Grip Material is Polyurethane
  • Size  of the Grip is 10 inches
  • Non-insulated Grip Type

Engineers at Miken have created this bat, particularly for the recreational purposes of the adult age group. For someone wanting to compete in slowpitch softball tournaments, the Miken Chaos is the perfect bat due to its bat speed and hitting distance. 

Good attributes of the Miken Chaos Slowpitch Softball Bat 

Thinner walls of the barrel have made this bat extremely flexible and also enhanced its performance. Fitted with a 10 percent Eflex Technology Alloy composition, the Miken Chaos is the best bat for powering through the hitting zone. This is also supported because of the  0.5 oz XL Endload and 14-inch long barrel.

Characteristics to look out for

If played at 60 degrees or a lesser angle, the bat fails to perform well on the field.

With approval from all slowpitch softball leagues, the 2 piece bat adds pop to the hits of the player on the field. The Flexion technology will help hitters make contact with the ball harder through the infield.

Easton REBEL Slowpitch Softball Bat

Leading features

  • Size is 34 inches
  • Weight is 28 oz
  • Built by Easton
  • Material is a Blend
  • Available in Multi Colors
  • Handle is made with AluminiumMaterial 
  • Suitable for all Skill Levels
  • Age Range specified for Adults
  • Can be used by Unisex Adult
  • Material of the Grip is Rubber 
  • Grip is 2.2 mm in Size
  • Type of the Grip is Cushioned

Designed with ALX5- Military level aluminum alloy, that bat allows larger sweet spots while creating fast swing speeds. That bat is loaded with immense power and creates a one-of-a-kind batting experience for players on the field. With that amount of power that bat delivers premium strength straight out of the wrapper. 

Good aspects of the Easton REBEL Slowpitch Softball Bat

Easton has designed the Rebel to assist adults in playing softball competitively.  The softball bat that is dual stamped allows for maximum bat speed along with large hitting distances.  With the ultra-thin handle that provides an all-sports grip, the Easton REBEL Slowpitch Softball Bat is the top contender for providing support to the player at times. 

Adverse facts about the Easton REBEL Slowpitch Softball Bat

As this bat hits a distance of about 230 feet, it is only suitable for batting practice. All in all, it might get you through a season or 2 while you save up to buy a better bat.

Easton has built this bat in multiple sizes 34/26, 34/28, and 34/30.  Overall that bat is an innovative tool for softball players and to top it all off it comes with an all-sports grip as well.

Easton GHOST ADVANCED Fastpitch Softball Bat

Major features

  • 33 inches in Size
  • 22 oz in Weight
  • Softball Sport Type
  • Easton is the Brand
  • Made with Composite Material 
  • Available in White and Grey colors
  • Players with all skill levels can use it
  • Grip Material is Lizard Skins
  • 2.2 mm in Grip Size
  • Cushioned in Grip Type

Equipped with the second-generation double barrel, the Ghost Advanced bat by Easton creates a lighter inner barrel with a sturdier outer covering. This results in the lowest compression level possible in the game allowing the barrel to flex more and leading to greater performance results. 

Why purchase the Easton GHOST ADVANCED Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton has ASA (USA), USSSA (Fastpitch only), NSA, ISA, and ISF leagues certifications under its belt for the Ghost Advanced Fastpitch Softball Bat. Lizard Skins bind the entire bat together by providing a grip with ultimate feel, shield, and tack. Furthermore, the launch composite technology that has been fitted in that bat, provides a lengthy, lighter, and sturdier barrel. This forms an even bigger sweet sport and goes past the boundaries of performance. 

Things to consider before making the purchase

Ghost Advanced is susceptible to cracking quite easily. This makes it hard to justify the hefty price tag of the purchase. The durability of this bat leaves a lot to be desired. 

Easton Ghost Advanced is a power-boosting bat as it gives hitters extra leverage with its patent-pending “Soft Knob” technology. The reduction in the vibration is an added bonus. Easton has tied the bow on their bat with a connexion joint that creates next to zero vibrations and gives the best feeling of using a 2 -piece bat. 

DeMarini FP Prism+ Fastpitch Bat 

DeMarini FP Prism Best Men’s Softball Bats

Main Characteristics 

  • Size of the bat is 30 inches
  • Baseball Sport Type 
  • Manufactured by DeMarini
  • Made with Aluminium
  • Black in color
  • Material of the handle is Aluminum
  • Youth Age Range
  • Appropriate for all Skill Levels
  • Material of the Grip is Synthetic
  • Non-insulated Grip Type

Manufacturers at DeMarini built this bat with longer strands of composite which adds to the weight along the barrel. This enhances the performance of the barrel while the continuous fiber-gapped wall barrel generates intense bat speeds.

Advantages of playing with the DeMarini FP Prism+ Fastpitch Bat 

Provisioned with a double wall gapped barrel technology, that bat delivers a massive sweet spot. The two alienated walls work in synchronization with each other and lead to a unique performance, sound and feel for the hitter. Furthermore, it also allows the player to hit the bat across an extended range of pitch speeds.

Points for consideration

Lifespan of the new prism bat by DeMarini is lower than the previous models. The hassle of returning the bat in under a year may not be worth it. The paint on the bat also seems to chip off easily.

Designed with a Type V connection, that might is a dream come true for hitters wanting to maximize the feel and responsiveness of their bats. 

Worth KRECHER XL Slowpitch Softball Bat

Worth KRECHER XL Best Men’s Softball Bats

Highlighted features 

  • Size of the bat is 26 oz
  • Softball Sport Type
  • Brand is Worth
  • Made with Carbon Fiber Material
  • Available in Multi colors
  • Handle is made with Carbon Fiber
  • Suitable for all Skill Levels
  • Unisex Adults Users
  • Material of the Grip is Polyurethane 
  • Standard size of the Grip
  • High track Grip Type

With an enhanced handle to barrel flex, Worth has created a masterpiece with their Krecher edition. The quad comp technology that has been fitted in the bat results in an extended sweet spot that allows for a greater ball flight distance.

Benefits of using the Worth KRECHER XL Slowpitch Softball Bat

Engineers at Worth have made the handle of this bat ultra-thin to deliver the optimal flex for softball hitters. This permits players to create more barrel whip that remains through the ball on each swing. 0.5 oz of the weight has been directed towards the barrel end to assist players in building enhanced ball flight due to the added mass of the barrel.

Things to deliberate on

Returning this bat for any reason comes with a 50% restocking fee, which falls a little on the high end of the spectrum. 

Having been approved for play in all USA and ASA Leagues, the Worth KRECHER XL Slowpitch Softball Bat should be on the must-have list of all professional softball players. Combined with the option grip knob, hitters can play with a bat that has a reduced profile that gives enhanced comfort at the plate.


What type of bat is best for softball?

As a hitter when you need to pick the right softball bat, the initial aspect is the length. You should opt for a bat that is between 26 – 27 inches long. If we consider it in terms of weight, that would be anywhere between 12 – 15 ounces. The aim is to find the bat that comes up to the hip height it should not go further than this, for the hitter. 

What is the difference between slowpitch and fastpitch in softball?

Fastpitch is a form of softball that is faster than the slowpitch version. The core difference being pitchers use the “windmill” motion to pitch the ball. While slowpitch softball requires an arc to the pitch. 

Is there a difference between softball bats?

Softball bats for adults are narrower, this is for both slow and fast-pitch games. The diameter of these bats is only about 2-¼ inches. Bats for the younger generation are the same diameter as adult slow-pitch bats. 

Does a heavier softball bat hit farther?

When a player uses a heavier bat, the outcome is hitting balls at a faster speed. This automatically means the ball will travel a greater distance. In case a hitter is able to maintain the same speed of the bat swing with a heavier bat, this bat will produce higher batted ball velocity along with an enhancement in terms of distance.

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