Best Softball Bats for 10u | 6 Top Bats

Softball is a sport that has attracted our youth since a very ripe age. They grow up listening to the sport and eagerly await the opportunity to begin their own expedition. When starting one’s softball journey, choosing the right equipment is of the utmost significance. 

Softball is inherently a competitive sport and requires a lot of dedication. For the young generation to be able to perform exceptionally on the field, having the right bat is very important. Bats support the entire swing of the hitter and affect the output of the player’s game. 

There are multiple types of games in softball which include slowpitch and fastpitch. Each form of the game requires its unique bat. The beginner level of any softball game can be tough and having a good quality bat to play with makes the entire endeavour simple and easy.  Let’s discuss some of the best bats in the market that will supplement the game of young softball players every step of the way! 

6 Best Softball Bats for 10u Brands

Easton 2022 GHOST -11 | -10 | -9 | -8 | Fastpitch Softball Bat

Main Characteristics 

  • Size is 30-20
  • Sport Type is Softball
  • Manufactured by the brand Easton
  • Available in white color
  • Material is Blend
  • Handle is made of carbon fiber
  • Suggested users are Unisex Adults
  • Material of the grip is TPU
  • Size of the grip is 1.8 mm
  • Type of the grip is premium cushioned
  • Suggested Users are Unisex Adults
  • Suitable for All Skill Levels
  • Material of the handle is wood

Easton has made this bat as a 2-piece equipment that has been made with a dedicated focus on providing comfort to the player. Made with a soft, unyielding handle, the Ghost can fight off vibrations. This makes it especially beneficial for young players as they are getting used to wielding bats. 

Why purchase the Easton 2022 GHOST Fastpitch Softball Bat

With the patented double-barrel constructions, the Easton Topaz gives the player the best pop, feel, and sound. Combined with a huge sweet spot, that bat fulfills the needs of every young player entering the softball arena. Furthermore, Easton has equipped this bat with a new sonic comp and a more sturdy composite, the output of which is the lowest possible barrel compression.  Barrel of that bat is also stiffer owing to the connexion technology.

Things to deliberate on

With the weight of -10 using this bat could pose a challenge to young players. Beginners would find -11 easier to use and it is available.

When a player uses this bat they hit with an iconic sound that can be heard across the field. Easton has integrated the bat with an ultra-thin handle that is 29/32 inches which makes the grip extremely comfortable. Having been certified by  USA, USSSA (only for fastpitch), NSA, ISA, and WBSC, the Ghost is the ideal bat for children beginning their softball journey.

DeMarini 2022 CF Fastpitch Softball Bat Series (-11, -10, -9, -8)

Highlighted features 

  • 30 inches in size
  • 19 oz in weight
  • Sport Type is Softball
  • DeMarini is the brand
  • Material is Paraflex Plus Composite
  • Colors of the bat are black, purple, and white

DeMarini has launched the bat that combines the best features required to secure the future of your future softball champion. Having been certified by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF, that bat has so much to offer a young softball player. Manufactured to prevent stinging in the hand, the bat combines innovative technology to enhance the control of the user and increase their swing speed. 

Benefits of using the DeMarini 2022 CF Fastpitch Softball Bat

Fitted with the paraflex plus composite barrel, the sweet spot of this bat is huge and the control of the barrel is unchallenged. The Paraflex+ Composite Barrel is one of the most responsive bats that a player can get their hands on. With a Type V connection, this novel innovation enhanced the performance of the barrel by directing the energy to the core of the barrel and away from the hands.

Negative aspects to ponder upon

One has to keep in mind the size of the child’s hand and the strength of their swing before picking the right bat for them. DeMarini offers this bat in many sizes, although it is on the pricier end of the spectrum.

DeMarini has manufactured a bat that is made with lightweight composite materials to augment the speed of the bat while balancing the power of the barrel’s performance Made with a material that will stand above numerous composite bats, the system by DeMarini optimizes the player’s weight control and output.

Mizuno F20-Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat

Mizuno F20-Finch

Leading features

  • 28 inches in size
  • 15 oz in weight
  • Sports Type is Softball
  • Manufactured by the brand Mizuno
  • Material is Aluminium
  • Colors available are white and rose gold
  • Standard grip size and type
  • Synthetic grip material
  • Handle material is Aluminium

One of the leading bars from Muzino, the Finch possesses the lightest swing weight in the market. This is a balanced product with a 1-piece construction that slices the air like a blade. With a unique alloy design, the bat has been engineered with maximum durability as a focus. 

Remarkable Aspects of the Mizuno F20-Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat

As a drop-weight bat, the Mizuno F20-Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat has a slim design that balances control and output. Creating the bat with aluminum alloy the MZ-2200+ Alloy has made it quite durable and long-suffering. The cherry on is the comfortable and strong grip of the bat due to the speed helix grp. Finch has been approved by ASA and has been designed in cahoots with Jennie Finch with the particular requirements of the softball player as a priority.

Characteristics to look out for

Decision of the manufacturers at Mizuno to make the Finch as a 1 piece construction, the vibration negation of the bat is much less. 

Mizuno has not compromised on comfort for the sake of its performance. The handle is extremely well-cushioned and Finch has been approved by the standards set by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF. Lightweight, resistant and outstanding results, what more could a young player need on the field!

DeMarini 2022 Spryte (-12) Fastpitch Softball Bat

DeMarini 2022 Spryte Best Softball Bats for 10u

Chief Characteristics

  • Size of the bat is 29 inches 
  • 17 oz in weight
  • Sports Type is Softball
  • Manufactured by the brand DeMarini
  • Made with Paradox Composite Material
  • Colors of the Bat are purple, pink, and orange
  • Unisex adults are suggested users
  • Softball Sport Type
  • Suitable for all Skill Levels
  • Material of the handle is wood

If softball enthusiasts can afford an expensive, composite bat, then the DeMarini Spryte is the best choice. In comparison to the older model, this bat raises the bar even more in terms of performance. This evolved version of the DeMarini Spryte bat is a two-piece composite construction that will enable a player who is habitual of swinging the bat more prepared for the lite bats with interchangeable composite construction. 

Good aspects of the DeMarini 2022 Spryte Fastpitch Softball Bat

A very responsible bat due to the paradox composite barrel, the DeMarini Spryte fulfills all the expectations from DeMarini bats. It is an extremely responsive tool that is light and sturdy as well. Young players will enjoy hitting the monster shots with the Spryte. Furthermore, the big D end cap assists in absorbing the vibrations so hitters can take swings with confidence. 

Adverse facts about the DeMarini 2022 Spryte Fastpitch Softball Bat

When hit off the sweet spot, the bat tends to swing the hitter which can put them off their game. 

D-Lite Handles in the Spryte eliminate vibrations for a smoother experience for the young players on the field. Manufactured to perform with a softer, harder, and more sensitive feel for younger players, the paradox composite barrel takes the game to another level.

Louisville Slugger 2022 Proven (-13) Fastpitch Softball Bat

Highlighted features 

  • Size is 28 inches 
  • Weight is 15 oz
  • Softball is the sport type
  • Brand is Louisville Slugger
  • Manufactured with Composite Material
  • Available in white, pink, and black colors
  • Suggested users are unisex-adults
  • Wood is the Material of the handle

A one-piece bat, the Louisville Slugger is a complete composite barrel that has been made with a stiffer swing. As it is a composite bat, it can be expected to have more pop and also a bigger sweet spot than one would get with a bat made with aluminum. Considering the -13 drop and the ultra-balanced swing, that bat will assist many players in honing their technique.

Advantages of playing with the Louisville Slugger 2022 Proven Fastpitch Softball Bat 

A full composite barrel that has been made exactly with an engineered sweet spot, the Lousiville Slugger is one of its kind. The level of enhanced pop and feel that this bat offers is exemplary. Furthermore, Louisville provides its customers with an ultra-balanced swing weight. Playing with this bat leads to a light and easy game with a swing for enhanced barrel control and bat speed. Providing a stiff swing and feel on contact, the Slugger also provides an improved cushion in terms of grip.

Points for consideration

A little unimpressive out of the box, the company could do better in terms of packaging and overcoat of the Slugger.

Proven to be one of the lightest bats in the Slugger lineup of fastpitch bats, the Lousiville Slugger is a bat that beats all odds. It can also be used by 8u players due to the immense level of durability that the bat offers. Topping it off with the bright colors, this bat is a must-have for all serious players.

Easton FIREFLY Fastpitch Softball Bat | -12 | 2 Pc. Composite

Major features

  • 28 inches in size
  • 16 oz in weight
  • Softball sports type
  • Made by Easton
  • Built with composite material
  • Multicolored

Having a seamless carbon construction that runs across the length of the barrel, the bat provides consistent strength to the player. It has been tuned perfectly to aid the new hitter with a softer, more flexible barrel.

Exemplary attributes of the Easton FIREFLY Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton has surpassed other makes in the industry in terms of durability and sturdiness. The handle is extremely thin and it looks great. The value of the Firefly outshines its competitors as it feels amazing in the hands of the player and the lightweight construction makes a substantial difference on the field practically.

Things to consider before making the purchase

Easton has created a bat that is susceptible to breakage quite early on.


Featuring one of the top bats with high-end technologies, Easton has brought a bat to the extremely well-balanced market. It s rightfully one of the premium bats available for 10u softball players. With technology like the Connexion, the Firefly offers an amazing sound and a lot of pop to the hitter. 


What is the best softball bat for a 10-year-old?

To have the best probability of success, your bat should have the right size regardless of the brand you purchase from. One of the ideal bats in the market for the 10-year-old age range is Marucci CAT 9 Connect along with the Easton ADV Drop 11.

Which softball bat has the most pop?

One of the top picks in the market for a bat that offers the biggest sweet spot is the  2023 DeMarini Prism+ bat. It offers a ton of pop with an unmistakable sound

Is a 25 or 26-ounce bat better for softball?

Smaller or more average-sized players should opt for a bat that is within a 25 – 27 oz weight range. This will give them greater bat speed. 34 inches long bats are for slowpitch softball and weigh between 26-30 oz.

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