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First played in Chicago back in the 1800s, softball is extremely enthralling. It attracts the youth immensely particularly in America. These children grow up experiencing the delight that is the sport of softball and they dream of getting their turn on the field. Although when an individual decides to start their journey with the softball sport, the primary decision that they have to make is choosing the right equipment.

A competitive sport, softball can be pretty challenging to perfect. It can be difficult to perform well on the field if the player does not have proper gear and bat to play with. Bats are made by different brands with their own unique purpose and characteristics. The quality of the bat that the player uses will translate onto the game. 

Young hitters who are just beginning their journey on the field will require a standard bat that helps them navigate the intricate sport. Let’s discuss some of the best bats in the market that will support the game of young softball players every step of the way! 

6 Best Softball Bats for 12u Brands

Louisville Slugger 2022 Nexus (-12) Fastpitch Softball Bat

Highlighted features 

  • Size is 28 inches
  • Weights 16 oz
  • Softball Sports Type
  • Brand is Lousiville Slugger
  • Available in blue, black, and grey colors

Made with a fully composite barrel, the SLugger is designed to make sure there is a better pop feel when contact is made with the ball. 

Good aspects of the Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Softball Bat

Louisville has made this a two-piece design that showcases a spring-loading connection system. Not only does it improve the feel of the user with the bat, but it also offers an extended sweet spot.

Things to deliberate on

Engineers at Lousiville have not designed for weight behind the swing.

Lousiville has designed a bat that offers the most in terms of control and balance. 

DeMarini 2022 Spryte (-12) Fastpitch Softball Bat

Chief Characteristics

  • 29 inches in size
  • Weighs 17oz
  • Sports type in softball
  • Made of Paradox composite material
  • Brand is DeMarini
  • Colors are purple, pink, and orange

An extension of the adult models made by DeMarini, that bat comes with similar features that make their larger bats outstanding. 

Why purchase the DeMarini 2022 Spryte Fastpitch Softball Bat

Engineers have designed this bat to limit and prevent any negative vibrations that may be felt in contact with the ball in the hands. 

Things to consider before making the purchase

Missing out on the pop element makes that bat a little less endearing. 

With a 100 percent composite material barrel, DeMarini is offering its customers a bat that provides an enhanced feel when contact is made. 

Easton TOPAZ Fastpitch Softball Bat 

Main Characteristics 

  • 28 inches in size
  • 18 oz in weight
  • Softball Sports Type
  • Material is Aluminium
  • Available in Multicolors

Similar to the Ghost Fastpitch bat by Easton, the Topaz model comes in many different colors. There is also a wide range of weights and heights the Topaz is available in. 

Benefits of using the Easton TOPAZ Fastpitch Softball Bat 

Easton has designed this bat to balance the swing of the player on the field. This makes it immensely easier for the hitter to get a good hit in. With a thin hand, that bat can handle all kinds of weather conditions. 

Negative aspects to ponder upon

Easton Topaz is not available in the 17-ounce weight. Furthermore, it is also more expensive than the Ghost Bat by Easton. 

If your child is a little taller and seeks a blogger bat then the Topaz is the ideal choice for you. Within this price range, this is the best bat in terms of stability and durability. 

Easton AMETHYST Fastpitch Softball Bat 

Highlighted features 

  • Size is 28 inches
  • Weighs 17 oz
  • Softball Sports Type
  • Brand is Easton
  • Material is Aluminium
  • Available in Multicolors

If players are seeking an aluminum bat that is easy on the pocket and also performs significantly well, then the Easton Aaemthyst is the ideal choice. 

Remarkable Aspects of the Easton AMETHYST Fastpitch Softball Bat 

There is no concern for durability with that bat as the material used is  LX50 military-grade aluminum. 

Characteristics to look out for

Easton has made the bat too light and it is susceptible to dents. 

A bat made for the youth, Amethyst is an easy-to-control tool that gives immense assistance in perfecting one’s swing.

Marucci CAT9 Composite Pastime USSSA Senior League Metal Baseball Bat

Major features

  • Certified by USSSA
  • Available in various sizes which include 28, 29, 30, 31, 32
  • Size of the barrel is 2 ¾ 
  • Drop is 8 
  • Weigth of the Swign is Light+
  • 18 inches in size
  • Baseaball sports type
  • Manufactured by Marucci
  • Composite Material
  • Available in red, white, and blue colors

Made for excellence, that bat is one of the most responsive bats in the market.  With a multidirectional composite barrel, it has the stiffest connecion for speed and power.

Exemplary attributes of the Marucci CAT9 Composite Baseball Bat

Marucci has utilized the new MDX multi-directional composite barrel to provide an ultra-responsive experience to the players. With a balance feel the hitters can perform their best on the field. 

Adverse facts about the Marucci CAT9 Composite Baseball Bat

Marucci has designed a bat that is prone to scratching easily as compared to other units in the market. 

Increased performance with no “dead” spots, what more could you ask for in a softball bat

Easton GHOST ADVANCED Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton GHOST ADVANCED Best Best Softball Bats for 12u

Leading features

  • Size is 30 inches
  • Weighs 10 oz
  • Dudley is the brand
  • Made with Aluminium 
  • Available in white and purple color

Easton has created this bat specifically for the younger. generation.  With double barrel  technology, that bat offers young players the opportunity to play their best game. 

Advantages of playing with the Easton GHOST ADVANCED Fastpitch Softball Bat

Engineers at Easton have fitted the GHOST ADVANCED Fastpitch Softball Bat with a Launch Composite technology that gives it a lightweight and bigger sweet spot. Making it perfect for a 12u softball player.s 

Points for consideration

Some of the sized available in the Easton Ghost model is not suitable for the 12u age range and it may not be suitable for people who want a more high standard bat. 


With approval from all the major leagues that include  ASA (USA), USSSA (Fastpitch only), NSA, ISA, and ISF leagues that bat falls in the midrange pricing options for softball bats. 


How do you find the sweet spot on a bat?

The sweet spot can be located by holding the handle of the bat with one hand in the same place as when you would be swinging it. On the other hand, take a hammer and tap the bat at multiple places along its length gently. You should be able to feel almost next to zero vibrations at some point when you tap it. That is the sweet spot. 

Does a heavier softball bat hit farther?

In short, using a heavier bat will result in faster hit balls. This means the ball will travel a larger distance. In case a player is able to maintain the same swing of the abt with the heavier bat, it will produce a higher batted ball velocity which will in return cause the ball to go farther.

Should I get a 27 or 28 oz softball bat?

Players who are bigger in size and are seeking to swing for the fence must seek a bat in the 28 – 30 oz range. While players who are smaller or average-sized and those looking for enhanced bat speed should use a bat in the 25 – 27 oz range. 

Why do bats have a sweet spot?

When the ball is hit on the node of the bat, the vibrations from the impact will cancel out. This way the hitter will not feel any stinging or shaking in their hand. This is because a small percentage of the bat’s energy is lost to vibrations when this spot is struck, more of it transfers to the ball.

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