Baseball Helmet Size For 6-Year-Old (Major Considerations)

Batters use helmets to protect themselves from injuries however, choosing the right one is a bit tricky. With that, there are so many options in the market, and every helmet brand has its unique size. So it is difficult to find the exact Baseball Helmet size for your 6-year-old and above. 

That’s why an expert recommendation and the factors to consider while choosing a base are necessary. Additionally, if you choose the helmet without knowing the exact size then there is no guarantee that it may properly fit your child or not

So, to save yourself from this hassle, let’s dig in.

Baseball Helmet Size For 6-Year-Old:

The size of the helmet should be accurate, as a proper-sized helmet is always easy to handle. With that, a wrong also fails the purpose and can cause injury.

If we talk about the baseball helmet size for a 6-year-old, then the best helmet size is small. But as defined above, all the brands in the market right now have their unique sizes. So knowing the size of the head circumference will make it easier to choose the best fitting either checking all the sizes in the shop. 

Additionally, the helmet lid should be 1 inch above the eyebrows. It will protect the eyes of batters. 

Know the Head Circumference of your child’s face:

Measuring the right size of your child’s head circumference will be very hectic. It will also be very difficult if you do not know the right method. However, here is the easiest method of getting accurate results.

  • Take a measuring tape and place it on one end above your right ear.
  • Now wrap the tape around your head (2-3 inches above from eyebrows) and meet at that point where it starts.
  • Then gently pull it and write the measurement. Take the measurement 2-3 times for accurate results.

If you don’t have a measuring tape then you can also use a simple string and apply the above procedure. Then just measure it with the ruler. But make sure that you don’t wear any hat or other thing on your head while taking measurements.

By getting the measurements of your head circumference, you can check your size from the table below:

Choose Right Helmet Style:

Now after measuring the head circumferences, it’s time to choose the right helmet style and style. 

However, as we all know, every child has a different head shape. Generally, the standard head circumference is 20 ⅞ – 21 ⅛ for 6-year-olds. It comes under the size of extra small and small. After obtaining the head circumference, you can match it with a size chart.

Never buy the helmet on market standards. Always choose according to your child’s head size. 

Open-face baseball helmets:

Open-face baseball helmets are the best options for young players. This is because it protects your head from injury and increases the maximum visibility of the ball when you are up to bat. Little league players use this helmet because their game involves lower pitching speed, and they see the field.

Fastpitch Baseball Helmets:

Mostly fast-pitching helmets are made of ABS and protect your face in the batter box. In the front, they also contain high-quality coated and thick metal guards that protect your nose and face from injury. Most softball players use this type of helmet due to its fast pitching speed. If you are a softball player then choose this helmet and ensure that the guard doesn’t cause distractions in your vision.

Extended Jaw Guard Helmet:

Professional baseball players who face tough deliveries and want durable and comfortable helmets will consider this. You can get ultimate jaw guard protection by using this helmet. There is only one side jaw guard available in it, so choose this according to your batting stance.

Finding Good Helmet Accessories: 

If you choose the fit size helmet according to your face and your playing league then there is no such need to buy extra accessories. But if you are more protective and want an extra layer of protection with your helmet. Then you can use liner pads, jaw guard, face shield, and chin straps as an additional. 

We strongly recommend young players use chin straps if they are using open-face helmets. Professional players don’t need these additional as they are already included in their helmets.

Tip for the Parents:

These are the common measures to take while selecting the right helmet for your child. Keep in mind all the above measures while choosing the best fit.  

People buy good helmets, but they do not care about them properly, and even slow pitches will affect their helmets. So, it is the tip for parents to maintain the helmet of their little champions by preserving it from direct sunlight and avoiding throwing. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What Is the way to size a baseball helmet?

You can measure the circumference of your head and then match your size from the size chart.

How to identify which baseball helmet is suitable for me?

You have an idea of the helmet size that best fits for you. Choosing the best helmet can also depend upon your category like a softball player, slow delivery player, or professional player.

Is it mandatory to wear a baseball helmet?

Yes, it’s mandatory to wear your safeguards and helmets while playing baseball. It can prevent you from injury and help to play like a professional. 


Baseball helmet sizes vary from age to age and from person to person. When it comes to choosing a baseball helmet size for 6-year-olds, you must consider the head circumference. After that, focus on the fitness and safety factors. 

Parents should also monitor from time to time to enhance their child’s safety and to increase their performance.

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