10 Softball Rules Every Beginner Should Know

Want to play softball but need to learn the rules? We have covered all the game rules in this article to help you out. Usually, softball games are played between two teams having 9 players each. The goal of each team is to score more runs than their opponents by rounding the bases and crossing … Read more

Best Softball Positions | Complete Guidelines

One of the necessary things you have to pick as a softball player is pointing out the best softball position that suits you best for you. It is very important because it is part of your identity. When some player and senior asks what your role is or which position you play in the softball … Read more

The Best Way to Break in a Softball Glove

Best way to breaking in a softball glove is the same as buying newly branded shoes. You can only feel comfortable once your shoes are broken in and suit the fit of your feet. You can not feel better even if they are not broken in.  Have you just bought the new softball glove and … Read more

How Long Is A Softball Game: Find the Truth?

Softball is not only the best game dependent on time, but it is also the same as Basketball and football, which also have time constraints while playing them. As a time duration, It has some similarities to a tennis game. It is one of them because this game can go on for many hours. As … Read more

What are the Differences Between Softball and Baseball? Guide

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How to Play Softball | A Detailed Guide

How to Play Softball

Ambitious to know how to play Softball? Here is a detailed guide on Softball gameplay.  Yet, Softball is an outdoor game that requires a lot of physical strength. Including stamina, and a great strategy. Such games use a larger ball and a smaller field. Because of this, it’s often called “indoor baseball.” It’s also called … Read more

Softball vs Baseball Which is Harder?

About recreational sports, both Softball and baseball have more similarities than differences. Softball and baseball are affordable to play and need least specialized equipment. Yet, their similarities, the two sports have some key differences. Here’s a look at the major differences between Softball and Baseball. Softball vs baseball which is harder Baseball and Softball are … Read more