How to Break in a Softball Glove (5 Quick & Easy Ways)

How to Break in a Softball Glove

Many beginners need to learn how to break in a softball glove or what a break in a softball is. The word break in softball gloves refers to a point from which the leather of your glove naturally folds or bends, making it easier for you when you are trying to catch. Generally, this break is unique for every glove and is mainly found where your fingers and palm meet. 

A good break will help you quickly close your glove and catch the ball, which is very important these days. As we have shared a brief introduction about the break in a softball glove, we will share everything you must know to start your journey. If you want to become a successful player, then do not miss this chance and read this whole article. 

How to Break in a Softball Glove

We will share a few different ways to break in a softball glove. These are the ways we are going to discuss with you.

  1. The quickest (recommended)
  2. Using Oil 
  3. without using oil
  4. using shaving cream
  5. using a break-in kit

What is the quickest way to break in a softball glove?

Play Catch: A most popular and effective way to break in a softball glove is by applying the play catch strategy. Catch the ball with the gloves and repeat the process as many times as you can easily hold the ball. This way, the glove will start adjusting with your hand or get compatible with your hand.

Form the glove around the ball: In this process, place your ball inside your glove and wrap the glove around it. Leave it as it is for several hours or overnight to help it form the pocket.

Heat and Steam: Use a hair dryer or steaming device to soften the leather and mold it to your hand. Try not to overheat the leather, as it may be harmful. 

Sleep on it: The last way to do it is by placing your glove under your mattress and sleeping on it. Ensure that the ball is also inside the glove so it can easily create a pocket and help soften the leather. 

What is the method for oiling a softball glove to facilitate breaking in?

First, you must clean the glove before starting this process. Use a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust from the glove. After that, apply glove oil or any leather conditioner to your whole glove. It is essential to cover those areas where you need more flexibility, such as the thumb, index finger, and pocket. 

Leave it for a couple of minutes, and then start massaging whole oil onto your glove’s leather with your hands. Double-check that every part of your glove is covered or not. Once you are done with the massage process, wrap the glove around a ball or any soft object to help it maintain your desired shape. 

The best practice is to leave it as it is overnight. You could repeat the process if you didn’t get the desired results on the first go. No need to do it in a hurry. Take your time and do it with patience and accuracy. When you notice that it is according to your requirement, play catch with your glove to help it form your hand. It is recommended to use it more often to break in faster. 

What is the method for breaking in a softball glove without using oil?

Breaking in a glove without oil is complex and requires time and patience. Let us share a few methods that you can use to soften and shape your glove to fit in your hand completely. The first method is the one we discussed earlier, by regularly playing catch with it. Firstly take a catch in that glove and then through the ball from the glove. 

This will help you to shape the glove according to your hand. The following way is by placing a ball inside your glove and wrapping it with a rubber band to increase the speed of the breaking-in process. Leave the ball inside the glove for several hours. The third way needs to be revised from the one mentioned above. 

Here, you need to apply heat using any hair dryer to warm up the glove quickly and mold it into your desired shape. Here we go with the last step, which requires your muscles and wrist power. Just focus on areas that are uncomfortable or tight, such as fingers, and gently stretch the leather until you find it comfortable. 

What is the method for breaking in a softball glove using shaving cream?

Right from the start, the most common way used for breaking purposes is by using shaving cream, which gradually softens the leather and makes it easier to shape your hand. To begin with, you need to clean your glove so that there is no dirt or dust left on it. 

After that, apply an adequate amount of shaving cream on the glove, and make sure that this cream is spread evenly over the entire surface, including the thumb and fingers. Apply this cream with your fingers all over the glove’s leather, ensuring no area is left behind. Wrap your glove in plastic to keep the shaving cream from drying out. 

Leave it overnight to allow the leather to soak up the moisture and soften. Next morning, remove the plastic wrap and wipe out any excessive shaving cream inside your glove. Your glove is soft enough to be molded in any shape at this stage. With the help of your hand, shape the leather in your desired form and shape. Repeat the steps if you didn’t get results on the first attempt. 

What is the process for breaking in a softball glove using a break-in kit?

As we all know, a break-in kit is a specialized product designed to quickly soften and shape a new softball glove. First of all, clean your gloves before the actual process begins. Afterward, apply the break-in oil over your glove’s entire surface, including your fingers and thumb. 

Then with the help of your fingers, spread this oil to the whole surface of your glove. Now apply the leather conditioner included in the kit to the glove’s surface to protect it from cracking or drying out. Once you are done with all the above steps correctly, shape the leather according to your choice with your hands—it’s all done.

The Bottom Line:

Now you have multiple ways to break in a softball glove easily. It is totally up to you now, whichever way you use. Remember to be patient and do it properly, and you will be satisfied. We hope you are familiar with how to break in a softball glove. Try the ways mentioned above and let us know if you face any issues. 

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