What Is A Baseball Sliding Mitt: An Inside Look

If you are a baseball fan and watch the game regularly, you might have noticed a sliding mitt on the runner’s hand that he put on while running through the base. As these baseball mitts are new to the baseball world, many sports fans don’t know what is a baseball sliding mitt and what purpose they serve. 

Well, stick to the end to know the answer. 

Most commonly known as oven mitts, they are used for safety purposes. Runners use them to protect their fingers while sliding into the bases. Before they got common, the players mostly used batting gloves, which did not provide enough safety nor help them slide away. 

What is a Baseball Sliding Mitt?

A baseball sliding mitt is a dedicated piece of safety equipment the players use while running and sliding through the bases. They are used to provide safety to the hands and fingers. They are manufactured using a sturdy material with extra cushioning to minimize the chances of injury while sliding. There is always a chance of crushing the hand or finger folding while sliding, so this safety gear provides cushioning to the hand so that the injury risk would be minimal even if stepped on. 

It not only provides safety but also improves the performance. It is the epitome of well-thought design, which offers a non-slip feature on the inside so that the players can have a strong grip on them, while the outer surface executes a smooth texture which aids in sliding smoothly. So, if you are a beginner or an experienced pro, think no further to get your hands on this baseball gear. You won’t regret investing in it. 

Reasons to Buy a Baseball Sliding Mitt

After knowing what is a baseball sliding mitt, if you are now thinking about whether to buy it, read further to know why you should get it.


Playing with peace while enjoying the requires the players to be safe throughout the game. The baseball base might seem harmless, but there’s always a chance of injury while sliding across it. Friction with the ground may cause sprains or bruises on hands. Getting safety gear like a baseball sliding mitt, aka a baseball glove, is crucial. They provide a protective coating to the hands and adsorb the impact caused by the friction, minimizing the risk of injuries.

Improved output:

The outer texture of the baseball sliding mitts provides a controlled grip on the ground without the fear of abrasion. The players can slide further to reach the bases owing to the cushioning they come with. So, these mitts don’t only ensure safety but also help players to get better at their craft.

Boosted confidence:

Ensuring their safety by using the baseball sliding mitts, now the runners can focus on the game without engaging their minds in protecting themselves from any harm of the game. Using this security gear automatically elevates their confidence, resulting in improved performance and wanted results. This enables them to take every risk to win the game and seize every chance to counter the chaser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now if you have decided to buy yourself a baseball sliding mitt, some questions about its usage might be coming to your mind. Here are some frequently asked questions that are seen daily. Hope they might remove your confusion and answer your queries.

Are baseball gloves and mitts the same thing or different?

Baseball sliding mitts or gloves are the same thing. They are also humorously known as oven mitts among players. Different sellers sell them with different names, but they all serve the same purpose.

Are they specific for the right hand or left hand?

No, not really. They can be used reversibly on both hands.

On which hand should they be worn?

They are usually worn on the non-throwing hand, which is the left hand for the right-handed people.

Are they easy to carry along with other game equipment?

Yes absolutely! They are of almost no weight and can easily be carried in your back pockets so you can immediately take them out whenever needed. 

Are they convenient to use? 

Yes. you can wear them or take them off within seconds. Your safety can be ensured with a single lightweight and easy-to-use safety gear. 


A new safety gear in the baseball world i.e. baseball sliding mitt, aka an oven mitt, is a specifically designed tool to ensure the safety of a player. They prevent the players from getting abrasions and bruises on their hands while sliding into the bases. Their extra padding absorbs the shocks of sliding against the base, while the outer texture improves the sliding so that the runners slide a bit more forward. 

Along with providing safety, a baseball sliding mitt also boosts the players’ confidence, enhancing their performance. Provided guaranteed safety, the players can focus on the game without getting distracted by the fear of injury. The easy-to-use and convenient-to-carry baseball mitts are a player’s go-to safety tool nowadays, as they not only keep them safe but also help them perform well.

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