What is an illegal Pitch in Softball? Types And Reasons

What is an illegal Pitch in Softball Types And Reasons

Softball is a ball game between two teams consisting of nine- or ten players. This game is almost seven innings. One should know the all rules and regulations of the game before playing it. It is necessary to avoid the illegal pitch in softball to enjoy a successful game. So, what is an illegal pitch in softball? What are it’s commong types and reasons? Let us explain the topic of the illegal pitch in softball and all techniques to overcome it.

What are Softball and an Illegal Pitch in Softball? 

Softball is a ball game between two teams consisting of nine- or ten players. This game has almost seven innings. Both teams play on a field that has as a focal point a diamond-shaped dirt infield with a home plate and other bases, each of which is 60 feet. The main offensive moves involve striking a ball that is pitched with a wooden or metal bat as well as running the bases, with the winning team being the one that scores the most runs.

In softball, making bodily gestures that don’t adhere to set standards is considered an unlawful pitch. Typically, pitchers step outside the circles or the pitching lane’s boundaries or use illegal foot actions. Pitchers have an advantage over batters thanks to these unlawful actions.

What is the Reason for Softball’s Illegal Pitch?

Deceptive actions, which perplex the hitter and give the pitcher an unfair advantage, are among the most frequent causes of an unlawful pitch in softball. Another possibility is a quick pitch, in which the pitcher delivers the ball before the hitter is prepared and leaves the player with no opportunity to get ready. If the ball gets out, such as by bending the wrist or throwing the ball underhanded, it may also be considered an illegal pitch.

What are the Types of Softball Illegal Pitches? 

The illegal pitches in softball are:

  • Crow hopping
  • Stepping out of the lane
  • Replanting
  • Back to losing contact with the rubber
  • Failing to hold your hands apart

Crow Hopping

Crow hoping is that type of pitch in which When a pitcher crow hops in the middle of a pitch, both of his feet are off the surface of the ground. Crow Hope is also known as Leap or Jump. One can avoid this by focusing on placing the weight on the lower leg. This is important to maintain that it remains in contact with the ground during the drag.

Stepping Outside the Pitching lane

The pitching mound’s width corresponds to the lane. Stepping outside the pitching lane is an illegal act in the game. Most pitchers do not know this rule. The players should remain in the designated pitching lane during the delivery of the pitch.

This rule shouldn’t even exist in my opinion unless the pitching lane is marked out in chalk before each game as a guideline. Behind the plate, the umpire may declare a pitch to be illegal if a pitcher goes too far from the lane. Rarely does this occur because most behind-the-plate umpires pay attention to the pitch coming in rather than the lane rule, particularly when one isn’t pulled in the initial place


When it comes to illegal throwing, the pitcher re-plant is another illegal pitch in the softball but it is not as common as the crow hop. You are re-planting if you observe your drag starting, pausing, and then continuing. In re-plant the pitcher starts to drag, stops it, and then resumes it throughout the pitch .for the confirmation of replant one should examine the drag. 

Back to losing Contact with the Rubber

According to the rules of the game and in the pitching rule book, when a pitcher starts moving forward his /her feet should be in touch with the rubber. The back toe of a pitcher may occasionally push towards the back and lose connection with the rubber when loading into their legs. If a first base umpire notices this, he or she might consider the pitcher’s pitch to be illegal.

Failing to Hold your Hands Apart 

It is required that both hands be separated as a pitcher enters the pitching rubber. The hands must be aside until the pitcher receives the signal from the catcher, regardless of whether the ball is in the pitcher’s hand or the glove. The pitcher can then start her pre-motion before throwing the pitch after the hands have come together. this practice can reduce the chances of illegal pitches in softball.


How to Avoid Illegal Pitches?

Softball can occasionally turn into a contest to see which team commits the fewest errors. Base running errors, improper defensive positioning, and holding a pitch too long are just a few examples of these faults. Now, let’s take a look at a few methods to avoid illegal pitches.

Use Appropriate Pitching Techniques by Practicing

To get familiar with the many categories of unlawful pitches and the corresponding punishments, players, and coaches should learn the game’s laws and regulations. Players can recognize and avoid making unlawful pitches during the game by staying aware of the rules and laws. To identify areas for growth and prevent errors, it is a great idea to ask coaches and seasoned players for their opinion.

Players should be aware of the right pitching techniques to keep from using unlawful pitches in softball. To develop the right strategies, such as the windmill pitch, proper footwork, arm movement, and body control are crucial. Pitchers may enhance their technique and avoid errors with the help of coaches and seasoned players who can offer suggestions and guidance.

Different pieces of training are necessary for instructors and athletes to know the appropriate techniques. Performing these tasks can give players the chance to practice and hone their talents as well as gain a greater grasp of the laws and regulations of the game.

To prevent illegal pitches, delivery consistency is essential. Pitchers must keep their delivery’s rhythm and speed constant, which might assist them prevent errors. To avoid confounding the batter and making an unlawful pitch, they should also stay away from misleading techniques like the step-back pitch. A clear delivery guarantees that they are competing fairly.

Recover from Errors

Pitchers can learn from their mistakes .they should focus on the feedback to correct any improper pitches they may have made in the past. They should use video analysis to recognize their areas for improvement and prevent errors. 

Keeping one’s Strength

To prevent throwing illegal pitches, pitchers must maintain their strength and conditioning. Pitchers may maintain perfect form, technique, and concentration throughout the game with the aid of proper conditioning. Pitchers may develop speed as well as power in their delivery by having a strong core, legs, and upper body, which will prevent them from using unlawful pitch softball techniques.


From the above-detailed article and discussion, it has been cleared that Illegal pitches in softball are a violation of the rules and regulations. To play the game honestly and succeed, it is crucial to comprehend what they are and how to avoid them. Players can play the game fairly and boldly by doing this, succeeding and fully appreciating the sport. Now if you have interest to play softball this article will help you to know the rules and regulations.

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