What are the Differences Between Softball and Baseball? Guide

Twin Sisters Softball and Baseball look identical. But there are major differences between Softball and Baseball. Here we will define a thin line between 2 identical sisters. Stay with us and learn more interesting facts about Softball and Baseball.

Differences Between Softball and Baseball

10 Major Differences Between Softball and Baseball

Several people believe that the games of softball and baseball are very similar. But there are also plenty of differences. Here we will discuss the differences step by step.

Bat Size

Along with the similar look, the Baseball Bat is pretty like the Softball Bat. But the bat size clarifies the major Differences Between Softball and Baseball. Despite having a remarkable similarity, baseball bats are different. Often longer, heavier, and have a larger diameter.

Ball Material

Compared to softball, bats are less heavy and have a large appearance. Players may use bats made of wood, metal, or different structural components.  In both bats, softball, and professional baseball. But only wooden bats are allowed in professional baseball.

Balls Color

Despite rules, there are major differences between Softball and Baseball equipment. So, the ball size is one of the major variants. Baseball comes in white with red stitching, with hard and heavy appearance. In contrast, the yellow-colored and much softer ball grabs the audience’s attention. Hence the name is SOFTBALL.

Balls Size

The biggest difference comes in the size of a ball. We use a large ball, either 11 or 12 inches, but the baseball is 9 inches. Younger softball players may use a ball with a circumference of 10 inches. Because it is easier for small hands to hold. As you know, the ball size is different, and softball is bigger than baseball. There are more to read.

Ball Weight

Softball is bigger than baseball in a game. So, that is heavier. Standard softball has a dimension of 12 inches against 6.8 to 7.4 ounces. In contrast, standard baseball has a circumference of 9 inches with 5 ounces. Variations in weight cause great differences between Softball and Baseball’s performance. Thus, the smaller baseball significantly boosts the speed at the throw and hit.

Shorter Baseline

The baselines in softball are much shorter than those used on a normal baseball diamond. Besides, the infield reduces as a response. And the shorter pitching distances took into account. Moreover, the defense differently plays whenever the infield is smaller. Hereafter, the baselines are almost 55 feet apart if a pitcher must throw a ball 35 feet.

Gloves Design

The design of the gloves for those two balls is different. Softball gloves have a much deeper pocket than ball gloves. And that is a much thinner one. These are slight variations in the design and shapes. If you used to play softball games daily. We would suggest youbuye quality softball gloves. Instead of using an inconvenient baseball one.

Softball Field Vs. Baseball Field

Our field dimensions, equipment, and planning in softball are slight different. Instead, the fields are also different. Baseball paths are 90 feet apart, while softball fields are only 60 feet apart. Infield and outfield boundaries in softball are much smaller than those in baseball. Hene, the baseball’s infield bases are 90 feet apart.

In comparison, softball is 60 feet, as well as an outfield. The standard softball field occupies approximately 200 feet. At the same time, the smallest distance from the home plate is generally over 300 feet. Baseball’s centerfield can locate as close as 400 meters away.

Barrels of Bat

Softball bats always have much larger barrels than baseball. That is pretty much like baseball bats. But the authorities decide to allow a particular size of barrel. So the softball rules specify a certain barrel size. Hitters may especially use the large-sized barrel for hitting. It all depends on the league to whom with you play or not.

Innings  Softball vs. Baseball Game

Usually, baseball games have nine innings, whereas professional softball games have seven. Unlike professional baseball games, softball games include a similar rule. That can cut a game short. A team becomes the winner of the game if they are over by eight runs or more after five innings. Baseball is a sport without a mercy rule.

Game Rules

Like all other sports in baseball and softball, two teams play against each other. With one team trying to score more runs than the other, whichever team scores more win the game. Both struggle hard to win. And try to score more in their favorite games. It is very like the object of the game.

Material of Bats Difference in Softball vs. Baseball

Although major league baseball bats use wooden bats throughout their games. For professional softball games, they use a metal bat. Metal bats are best fit for little league, high school, and college baseball. But if you enter professional baseball, you switch to a wooden bat.

Little league and non-professional leagues play baseball the majority of the time. Hence, some leagues only use a wooden bat during the summer. Baseball bats can reach 42 inches, but softball bats generally max out at 34 inches.

Miscellaneous Differences Between Softball and Baseball

  • A Pitcher, a catcher, four infielders, and three outfielders. The biggest difference, of course, comes in the pitchers. We throw overhand, and in softball, we throw underhand in baseball.
  • In conclusion, softball and baseball vary significantly different from each other. In professional softball, the field is smaller. And the metel made bats help the games run seven innings.  And the pitcher throws an underhand.
  • In professional softball, the field is smaller. Hence, the metal bats help the games to run seven innings, and the pitcher throws an underhand pitch. Professional baseball has a bigger field. Faster pitches, wooden bats, and lengthier games are amazing. Due to the need for nine innings of play that is fit.
  • Other differences exist between both sports, and audience. Many of them might change depending on how the rules will apply. For instance, standard softball games normally last no longer than seven innings. Several baseball leagues play nine-inning games.
  • Both sports usually have nine defensive players, but some softball leagues use 10. The laws about base stealing, leading off base. The number of players who can bat, and what happens when a pitch hits the batter. Some other rules that could change.


1- Which gloves are good for softball Vs. Baseball?

We recommend that if you use the best softball gloves, then there is no need to purchase baseball gloves.

2- What is the biggest difference between softball and baseball?

Pitchers throw the ball overhand, and the softballer pitch the underhand.

3- Is softball softer than baseball?

Softballs are in yellow color and very softer them baseballs. It is a unique ball designed nicely and easy to hold in hand.

4- Is baseball a popular game in America?

Yes! A baseball game is a very famous game in America. People love to play passionately.


If write-up helps you to understand the major Differences Between Softball and baseball. We tried to cover all dimensions and differences in these twin games. If the writing is helpful, share it to appreciate the effort. Thank You!

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